'The Bachelorette' Clare Crawley & Former Fiance Dale Moss Reunite In Florida

Stacy Carey

The Bachelorette fans are wrapping their heads around an interesting tidbit that just hit social media thanks to spoiler king Reality Steve. Not long ago, Clare Crawley and Dale Moss ended their engagement, and the split seemed pretty acrimonious. Now, however, the two are together again.

On Tuesday afternoon, Reality Steve took to Twitter to share a couple of tidbits about this. He noted that Dale and Clare were spotted together in Venice, Florida. He shared a short video showing the two crossing a street together along with another post showing some still shots.

Both Clare and Dale were on foot and dressed casually. They both wore sunglasses and sneakers along with black leggings. She wore a fitted white tank top while he had on a brown short-sleeved shirt.

While it's not known yet just what this means, one photo sent to Reality Steve seemed quite telling. The person who spotted The Bachelorette stars in Venice happened to grab one snapshot taken via the side mirror on the car they were in. Dale and Clare were holding hands in that photo, whereas they were simply standing next to one another in the other shots.

What are the two doing in Venice? As The Bachelorette fans know, she is based in San Diego, California. He is from South Dakota and was living in New York before doing the show. So far, specifics regarding how they ended up in Florida together, or how long ago they seemingly reunited, are not yet known.

The Twitter posts from Reality Steve generated a big and quick response from The Bachelorette fans. Some seemed excited about what appeared to be a reunion between the two while others had a bad feeling about how messy this might get. More than a few noted that Clare and Dale were out-and-about without face masks, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"I hope they can work it out!!" one person tweeted, adding a few fingers-crossed emoji for good measure.

"They're a mess mama," someone else quipped.

"Good for Dale & Clare. Maybe they can have a nice relationship with the pressure of the show and engagement off the table for a while," a third user suggested.


When this split between The Bachelorette stars was confirmed in January, it seemed as if the relationship ended on fairly poor terms. That was only a few weeks ago, and clearly, something has changed since then.

Has a bit of time apart made Clare and Dale realize that they weren't ready to throw in the towel entirely? Everybody will be quite curious to see what comes next for these two.