January 20, 2021
Gabby Epstein Spotlights Crazy Cleavage & Ridiculous Curves In Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress

Aussie bombshell Gabby Epstein clearly has no qualms about showing off her tempting physique in skimpy lingerie and/or bikini sets on her popular Instagram profile. However, with her latest offering, the 26-year-old model and social media influencer employed a different approach to tease her 2.4 million followers on the platform.

On Wednesday, Epstein updated her timeline with a pair of jaw-dropping pictures in which she flaunted her ridiculous curves and crazy cleavage in a ruched, bodycon mini dress that perfectly conformed to her slender, yet sinuous frame.

In the caption, Epstein lamented the way in which the continuing COVID-19 pandemic had altered her life, reminiscing about the days when she could go to a restaurant and obsess over a menu for 45 minutes before eventually ordering the same thing she always does. She also tagged the U.K.-based boutique Oh Polly as the brand behind her curve-enhancing shift.

Fans were thoroughly impressed by her appearance in the formfitting frock, bombarding the comments section with hundreds of replies praising the provocative display.

"You are definitely on my menu as the main course," one smitten commenter wrote. "AND DESSERT!!!"

"Insane body," a second devotee declared. "And I'm in love with that dress [fire emoji]."

"You have the best chest in the world of breasts," a third follower exclaimed.

"I would be looking at you that long," another admirer confessed. "Forget the menu!!"

Epstein's adoring masses further expressed their admiration by double-tapping her post at an incredible rate. In just a few short hours, it had already accrued nearly 50,000 likes.

In both of the uploaded photos, Epstein posed before a mock fireplace that appeared to have been hewn from alabaster. With her head turned to her right and her eyes focused on something off-frame, the Gold Coast, Queensland, native stood confidently with her hands affixed to each side of her ample bosom.

In the first shot, her fingers rested just below her bustline while her thumbs extended upward along the outer sides of her breasts. The straps of her nearly-skintight dress appeared to have been tucked into her breast cups, leaving her shoulders bare.

She struck a similar pose in the second slide while sporting the same outfit. However, instead of framing her bosom with her hands, she was shown clutching her garb along its bustline. As with the first photo, her shapely figure was accentuated by the snug-fitting garment.

Before breaking out the formalwear, Epstein had already ignited her timeline with a snap which showed her kneeling on a bed with her legs spread in a lacy red lingerie ensemble.