January 18, 2021
Sally Struthers Reacts As 'All In The Family' Turns 50

Sally Struthers opened up about the 50th anniversary of the 1970s TV sitcom All in the Family.

The 73-year-old actress, who played Gloria Stivic on the sitcom from 1971 to 1978 and on the short-lived 1982 spinoff, Gloria, told The New York Post that the controversial scripts, which featured hot button political topics and offensive slurs, are still relevant today more than five decades later.

"It shows you that very little has changed," Struthers told the outlet. "If you took a recording of an [All in the Family] episode . . . and just heard the audio, especially where there's a discussion or argument about politics if the names being shouted by Mike and Archie were removed — and you inserted the names of politicians today — all of the arguments still hold up."

The actress noted that before All in the Family, a married couple had never slept in the same bed before and a toilet had never been "audibly flushed before."

She added that the show broke all of the television taboos and was still a hit.

"They were lower socioeconomic real people living their lives and loving each other and arguing — and reaching over one another at the table for food," she said.

Actors Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers accept the Innovator Award for
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

Struthers, who was just 23 when she was cast on the Norman Lear comedy, revealed that she had no idea the show would become such a massive success. After the controversial first episode, director John Rich warned the cast they could all be out of jobs due to backlash from angry viewers. The series would go on to score 22 Emmy Awards over its nine seasons.

Struthers also revealed that her dad died two years before the show premiered and that O'Connor became like a real-life father to her. The late actor and his wife, Nancy, even introduced her to her future husband.

The happy anniversary comes nearly two years after Struthers blasted the remake of the CBS sitcom. The ABC special, titled Live in Front of a Studio Audience, featured remakes of classic All in the Family episodes with Woody Harrelson in the role of Archie Bunker. Reimagined episodes included "Henry's farewell" (1973) and "The Draft Dodger" (1976).

Struthers told Delaware News Journal she didn't get the purpose of the remade episodes. Struthers questioned what "the point" of the remade episode was as she noted that the original series was a classic with "the perfect cast," the best writers, and the irreplaceable Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton.