Hilaria Baldwin Cuddles 3-Month-Old Baby & Shows Off Incredible Postpartum Body In Black Bra & Thong

Tracey Johnson

Hilaria Thomas Baldwin is one fit mama. She took to Instagram over the weekend to show off her 3-month-old son, Eduardo. She also flaunted her incredible postpartum body in a beautiful photo that sparked some intense conversation among her 835,000 followers.

The mother-of-five shared that the image was captured after bath time. Carmen -- Hilaria and Alec Baldwin's only daughter -- took the photo that shows her mother and brother enjoying a quiet moment. In the caption, Hilaria wrote that she couldn't stop smelling her baby. Edu, as they call the infant, was wearing a red outfit which had belonged to his brothers. She also shared that his father thought he looked like a tomato in the outfit, while his brother called him a "Christmas miracle." She sided with her son on the matter.

Hilaria looked magnificent in the underwear. She wore a black bra with a wide band. She paired it with matching thong panties. The ebony color contrasted sharply with her skin tone, while the fabric clung to her insane figure. She flaunted her toned stomach, minuscule waist and endless legs in the pic.

The 36-year-old styled her dark locks in a half-ponytail. She let her mane casually fall down her back and shoulders. The photo was taken in a room with dreamy lighting coming through the drapes.

The pic has already racked up over 40,000 likes. Many of her followers praised her fit form and raved over her mothering skills. An interesting debate arose in the comments section about whether it was realistic for a mother to get her figure back so soon after birth.

"This body gave birth to 5 babies?! Damn girl," an admirer wrote.

Another mentioned the infant.

"Edu does remind me of all the good feelings of Christmas! He is so precious," they gushed.

One follower encouraged and praised Hilaria.

"I have mixed feeling about the comments you always get about your body... While I understand this isn't the norm for women to 'bounce' back… you do work your a** off! So I say hurray for you! You're extremely disciplined and you were very fit before pregnancy! You don't have to gain 80# during pregnancy and keep it! You be you Hilaria!! You are beautiful," they complimented her.

"Question: Is Alex aware that he married an immortal? Do the other eight muses know you've taken human form?" a final Instagrammer teased.

Alec's oldest daughter, Ireland Baldwin, often updates her own social media pages. Recently, she rocked a schoolgirl skirt while showing off her "haul."