‘Siesta Key’ Star Chloe Trautman Shows Off Stunning Weight Loss In New Photos

The MTV reality star stunned fans with he new look in new photos shared to Instagram.

Chloe Trautman poses for Siesta Key
MTV Press

The MTV reality star stunned fans with he new look in new photos shared to Instagram.

Siesta Key star Chloe Trautman showed off her stunning weight loss in new photos on Instagram. The MTV reality personality posed alongside pal Juliette Porter in a post shared to Juliette’s social media account.

In the photo, Chloe wore a yellow mini dress and jean jacket as she showed off her trim figure. The 25-year-old wore her blond hair pulled back in a loose ponytail and sat with her legs crossed to reveal the stylish cream-colored ankle boots she wore, which happened to match Juliette’s. A tag revealed that the photo session was taken in the besties’ Florida hometown, where they are currently filming the fourth season of their reality show.

Chloe also shared a pic of her new look on her own Instagram page, as seen here. She told her followers she can’t “wait” for them to see the journey she has been on when Siesta Key returns for its new season.

In the comments section, fans reacted to Chloe’s new look, with some saying she was almost unrecognizable from when they last saw her on Siesta Key.

“Chloe? Is that you?” one commenter asked.

“Chloe looks like a different person!” another added.

“Omg girl what is your secret you are looking amazing!!!!” a third person wrote.

Others said the reality star looked so healthy, with one noting that she always looked beautiful but now she looks happy. Several commenters asked her to share her weight loss plan with them.

Earlier this year, Chloe revealed that she lost weight while locked down amid the COVID-19 pandemic after she began training with one of her co-stars.

“I lost almost 30 pounds during the quarantine,” she told Us Weekly.” Garrett [Miller]’s been helping a lot. It’s more of a lifestyle change for me. I’m just eating better, being more active and I’m happier. So that helps too.”

Chloe explained that she decided to change her lifestyle after a trip to Aspen with Juliette and her boyfriend Sam Logan. The Siesta Key beauty revealed that she was “so out of shape” that she “physically” couldn’t ski.

“It bothered me so much,” she said. “That’s when I was like, ‘OK, this is not normal.'”

She started by getting rid of all of the junk food in her house and switching to a “clean” diet. She also does something active five to six days a week.

Last week, Chloe shared a photo on Instagram after she worked out with her Siesta Key co-star Amanda Miller. In the caption, she noted that she loves “transforming and growing” with her longtime friend. You can see the image here.