Contortionist Sofie Dossi Rocks A Strappy Catsuit And Places Her Butt On Her Head In Jaw-Dropping Video

Sofie's handstand stunt ended with her taking a seat in an unusual way.

Sofie Dossi attends The 9th Annual Streamy Awards
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Sofie's handstand stunt ended with her taking a seat in an unusual way.

Sofie Dossi thrilled her 9 million TikTok followers with a new video on Thursday, racking up over 69,000 likes for executing a stunt that made her spine look like it was made from rubber.

The former America’s Got Talent star dressed to show off her sinuous figure. She wore a sleeveless, wet-look catsuit with wide shoulder straps and an open back with similar bands stretched across it. The legs of the skintight garment were extra long so that they covered Sofie’s heels. For her performance, the contortionist ensured that her thick, springy curls stayed out of her face by securing her hair in a high side ponytail.

Sofie used a low padded bench to pull off a series of incredible tricks. She placed her hands on the end of the apparatus and began with one of her signature arched handstands. She effortlessly held her petite body up with her powerful arms and positioned her legs in a front split. She then gracefully brought both of her limbs forward so that they were briefly extended out in front of her head.

Next, Sofie bent her back at an even more extreme angle to slowly bring her left foot down in front of her face. She threaded her leg between her arms until it was straight, using her shin to brace herself against the edge of the bench.


The influencer carefully brought her leg back up and dropped her chest down on the bench. She then folded her body as much as she possibly could by placing her butt on top of her head and the tips of her toes on the floor.

While seated in this awkward position, she brought her feet up in the air and kept her toes pointed while she kicked her legs. She concluded her stunt by unfolding her body in a fluid motion and placing one foot on the floor with the other raised high so that she was doing a standing side split.

Sofie’s fans reacted to her video by expressing their amazement over her flexibility and skill, and they also made a few observations about her trick.

“Am I the only one that noticed that her face was getting red at the end,” one viewer wrote in the comments section. “My back started to hurt after watching this.”

“How are you so flexible. That is so cool,” another message read.

“Sofie’s literally known as the angel who mesmerizes us with her eyes and her videos,” a third admirer commented.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Sofie recently stunned her fans by balancing on handstand canes and using her feet to hold a bag of chips while she snacked on them.