Tom Bergeron Explains Why Tyra Banks' High 'Dancing With The Stars' Ratings Don't Compare To His Numbers

Tom Bergeron has an explanation for the high ratings on Dancing with the Stars now that Tyra Banks has replaced him as host.

In a new post on his Instagram page, seen here, the former emcee of the ABC celebrity ballroom competition shared a photo of him holding up his mail-in ballot for the 2020 presidential election. In the caption to the post, the smiling TV veteran noted that he has been waiting four years to cast his vote in this important nationwide election.

But as with everything Bergeron posts these days, the comments section of the post turned into a debate about the state of Dancing With the Stars. When one follower asked Bergeron if he knew if the ratings for the "new" DWTS season tanked as some predicted, he issued a surprising answer.

"Initial ratings have been up, actually," Bergeron replied.

"But like a Covid test, ratings are a snapshot in time. Curiosity factor plays a part, as does competition (or the lack of it). Once [NBC's The Voice] premieres, which was our usual competition when [Erin Andrews] and I were there, the comparisons will be more exact."
Other viewers also weighed in on the viewership numbers for the ABC dance-off.

"Ratings are up because people are desperate for something, not because of ridiculous hosting changes," one fan wrote, adding that viewers wat to see Bergeron back in the ballroom.

"Hard to compare [year over year] ratings when there is literally nothing else to watch so of course this year's are up," another added.

Other fans noted the ballot in Bergeron's hand and asked if they can "vote" to bring him back to DWTS.

Tyra Banks as host of Dancing With the Stars,
ABC | Eric McCandless

In July, Bergeron was fired from Dancing With the Stars after 28 seasons as host of the show. His co-star Erin Andrews was also let go, and Banks was brought in as their replacement — with an executive producer credit in hand.

Many longtime fans of the show have been up in arms over the changes and have threatened to stop watching the long-running ballroom series, but Banks has been vocal about the high numbers her version of the show has received. For the Season 29 premiere last month, the supermodel revealed that viewership was up by a whopping 30 percent with her as the new host.

The America's Next Top Model creator also recently boasted that her DWTS numbers are "amazing" and revealed that she does not read bad reviews about her hosting performance but instead just reads "ratings."