Paige VanZant Shows Off Her Fit Booty In A Pink Thong Bikini For Latest Spicy Update

Paige VanZant attends an event during New York Fashion Week.
Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

Paige VanZant flaunted her curvy figure in a provocative photo for her latest Instagram upload. For the post, she was shot from behind in a revealing thong bikini that accentuated her legs and curvy backside while she posed poolside.

The former UFC competitor has been training for her debut fight in the Bare Knuckle FC, but recently enjoyed some downtime during her wedding anniversary. She was photographed by her husband, Austin Vanderford, as she stood by a pool. Cabanas and lounge chairs dotted the background, along with palm trees and a row of bushes, which were all reflected in the water.

VanZant was captured from behind for a full-body shot as she kept her right leg straight and stood on the toes of her left foot, which helped accentuate her curves. She tied her long blond hair up in a bun and raised both arms to grab a handful of her locks as she turned her head to look off-camera.

The one-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model rocked a bright pink bikini. Her top had thin shoulder straps and a clasp connected the straps in the back. VanZant sported matching thong bottoms that outlined her jaw-dropping booty. The 26-year-old’s tanned skin popped against the light backdrop and contrasted with the pink number. Fans were treated to an eyeful of her chiseled shoulders and back along with her defined legs.

For the caption, VanZant joked that she spent her anniversary forcing Vanderford to snap swimsuit photos for her to post online. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant added heart and tongue-out emoji in the caption and tagged her beau in the picture before uploading it on Tuesday.

Many of VanZant’s 2.7 million Instagram followers flocked to the spicy snap and nearly 115,000 showed their approval by hitting the like button in just over eight hours. The flyweight received more than 1,000 comments in that time as well. Her replies were flooded with peach and heart-eye emoji. Fans filled the comments section with compliments and gratitude for Vanderford’s efforts.

“Making him take bikini pics? What husband would not clamor to the opportunity to take pictures of you? I volunteer!” one follower joked.

“God bless America. And god bless you Paige VanZant,” wrote a second admirer.

“There’s no I in team…atta boy Austin,” a third fan replied, adding a winking emoji to their words.

“Wow, what a fun way to celebrate,” remarked a fourth person.

This is hardly the first time VanZant has flaunted her fit figure for her fans. As previously covered by The Inquisitr, earlier in the month she flaunted her cleavage and flat stomach in a sports bra and leggings.