Katya Elise Henry Tantalizes Fans With Before-And-After Snaps Of Her Blissful Booty Gains

Katya Elise Henry clicks a selfie.
Katya Elise Henry / Instagram

Curvy fitness model and social media influencer Katya Elise Henry took to Instagram on Sunday afternoon with a stunning set of images that flaunted her voluptuous physique, noting how much happier she is with her current look than she was several years ago.

Katya said in the caption that she was glad she didn’t listen to industry standards about looking a certain way and that several years ago she decided instead to listen to what her body was telling her. She also reminded followers to focus on their personal journey and aim for their individual improvement and happiness without letting the opinions of others get in the way.

Katya’s 7.7 million followers were thrilled by the enticing collection of snaps, flooding the comments section with praise and appreciation for her appearance, as well as her positive attitude. In the first few hours after it was uploaded, the post garnered just under 100,000 likes.

“MAJOR inspiration to so many!! Thank you,” praised one fan, who indicated in their username that they were a fellow trainer.

“Beautiful in both but you genuinely look healthier and happier on the right!” observed a second person.

“This just made me jump on my feet and throw on my leggings! Heading to the gym now!” exclaimed a third well-motivated fan.

“As long as you’re happy that’s all that matters!!” complimented a fourth follower.

Katya responded with a 100 hundred percent symbol and a pair of thanking hands.

She shared six images in total: three side-by-side comparisons of herself striking similar poses to best illustrate the changes in her incredible figure.

In the first, the buxom brunette posed facing the camera with her killer backside. The left side showed an older photo of Katya wearing a blue thong bikini paired with a floppy beach hat and huge sunglasses. She stood with her back arched and her legs together, displaying her petite behind.

The right side captured her in the same position, only with a much thicker appearance. Katya cocked one hip and confidently flaunted her derriere. She wore a tiny yellow bathing suit high over her shapely hips and held a half-eaten banana in her right hand.

She wore revealing crop tops and tiny bottoms in the second set, displaying her bare midriff and teasing the camera with a sultry attitude. Her body was noticeably more curvaceous in the recent snap, but her hard work at the gym was still enticingly evident.

The last pair were selfies in which Katya rocked bikinis and flaunted lots of bare skin. The right side displayed her famous hourglass shape.