Alexandra Cane Showcases Booty In Tiny Thong Bikini In Sizzling Pic

Mizuki Hisaka

Alexandra Cane has shared two new updates to her Instagram feed in the past 24 hours, and in her most recent photo, she showcased her booty. She rocked a tiny thong bikini and struck a flirty pose outside.

In the snap, she placed her left foot on top of a gray concrete bench. Her right foot was on the ground, and she placed her crossed hands on her knee. Alexandra looked over her shoulder at the camera with a coy expression on her face.

The focal point of her outfit was her black swimsuit. In particular, her derrière was hard to miss in her tiny bottoms. These had straps that rested low on her hips. She also sported a long-sleeved top that covered just her shoulders and arms. In addition, Alexandra sported of gray-and-black sneakers with pink accents.

Her pose accentuated not just her derrière but also her long, muscular legs.

Behind her was a white wall, and the skies looked cloudy. Even so, sunlight fell onto Alexandra and left her tan glowing. She might have been wearing body oil too, considering how shiny her figure looked.

She gave credit to the photographer, Anita Sadowska, via a tag in the post.

"I could totally look like this... if I didn't eat like an unattended 5 year old at a birthday party..." joked a social media user.

Many people responded to her long and inspiring caption.

"Looking at your pic, you're out of this world and it is intimidating; but reading your caption shows you are so relatable and a work in progress like everyone else. Keep healing & improving and showing us all how it's done," expressed a second devotee.

"You are a superwomen in my life one of a handful of incredible people that inspire me but also a friend and someone I am always going to be there for no matter what's going on. Love you babe," wrote a third supporter.

Six days ago, Alexandra posted a photo of herself in a sexy black dress with a plunging neckline. It had long sleeves and a high slit that showed off her legs. She completed her look with a pair of silver strappy sandals and accessorized with earrings, a necklace, and a ring. The model sat on a gray couch and popped up her knee.