Vicky Aisha Does The Splits In A Leopard-Print Thong Bodysuit & Fishnet Stockings: 'Meow'

Curvaceous bombshell Vicky Aisha demonstrated her fitness prowess on Instagram Monday, wowing followers with an eye-popping photo in which she did some splits. The Australian tattoo model flaunted her tremendous curves in addition to displaying her athletic abilities, showing her wild side in a sexy leopard-print bodysuit that left little to the imagination.

The thong suit featured an insane high cut that allowed Vicky to completely bare her hips and thighs, perfectly showcasing her voluptuous figure. The form-hugging number had long, fitted sleeves that accentuated her slender arms, and black garter belts. The sizzling blonde finished off the provocative look with fishnet stockings that reached her thighs. She sported a playful hairstyle that added to her sultry vibe, rocking sleek low pigtails that allowed her earrings to be seen.

Snapped in mid-profile, the 28-year-old displayed her bodacious derrière as she spread her legs and leaned one hand on her knee. The gesture called attention to the elaborate floral tattoo that adorned her thigh and hip, which also extended onto her rear end. Likewise, her audience could also admire the ink on her hand and fingers, as well as the ones decorating the side of her neck. Her strong, curvy pins were perfectly stretched and her back was straight, creating a flawless pose that emphasized her flexible physique.

The snap offered fans a tantalizing glimpse at Vicky's ample chest. She appeared to be braless under the tight bodysuit as she teased her busty assets. Her golden tresses brushed over her bosom and down her back, framing her sculpted bust. The model glanced over her shoulder, fixing the camera with an intense, alluring gaze. She parted her plump lips in a seductive way, increasing her appeal.

Vicky was photographed against a pale purple backdrop, which consisted of a large sheet draped over the wall and floor. The pastel background made her racy outfit truly pop, while also flattering her luminous complexion and bronzed tan.

The model penned a flirty caption, announcing she will be flooding her feed with more pics from the same shoot over the next few days.

"I don't mine [sic] babe! I love it! You look ravishing and sexy! Keep them coming!" replied one follower, adding a string of loving emoji to their comment.

"Hmmmm let's see... do I mind you filling my timeline with absolute perfection?" another Instagram user asked.

The steamy upload was a major hit with Vicky's devoted admirers, amassing more than 42,800 likes and 560 messages overnight. Plenty of her fellow models took to the comments section to compliment the smoking-hot look, including Valerie Cossette, Erica Fett, and Pandora Blue.

"Leopard print and fishnets are a deadly combo," remarked one of her devotees, adding a hot-face and fire emoji for emphasis.

"Amazing beauty and booty," a fourth admirer praised.

Vicky was true to her word, following up her post with two photos that offered a frontal view of her racy attire. The snaps, which can be viewed here, saw her exposing her cleavage through the outfit's plunging neckline.