Alexa Collins Stuns In An Orange Bikini On Instagram

Alexa Collins snaps a selfie.
Alexa Collins / Instagram

Alexa Collins added some fire to her feed on Thursday afternoon when she rocked a scandalous bikini. Alexa’s upload was composed of three images that flaunted her incredible figure.

The first photo in the series captured the social media star on an outdoor lounger. A geotag in the update indicated that she was in Miami, Florida. Alexa sat on top of a khaki-colored cushion, and the chair itself was outlined in white. The model placed both hands at her sides and looked into the camera with a smile. A wall of greenery appeared at her back, but Alexa stole the show in a skimpy orange bikini. A tag in the post indicated that the suit was from Escape Swimwear.

The top of the suit boasted a thick set of straps that were worn over her toned shoulders, leaving her tanned arms on full display. The garment had a straight neckline with a slit in the middle that offered a tease of cleavage. Alexa’s bronze collar was bare, and she wore white paint on her manicured nails.

The bottom of her outfit was just as hot, and its thick straps were worn high on her hips. The front of the bottoms had a deep V that plunged a few inches below her navel and showcased her sculpted abs.

The second shot in the series captured Alexa in the same, skimpy bikini, but it was snapped at a closer angle. The last image in the deck showed Alexa from a front-facing view. Alexa gazed into the camera with a sultry stare and showed off her ample bust thanks to the angle on the image. The middle of the suit had a sizeable slit that revealed the swimwear’s white lining.

The model styled her long, blond locks with a side part, and her hair spilled over her beautiful bronze figure. Alexa wore a pair of hoop earrings and a set of bracelets to complete her sultry look.

In the caption of the post, Alexa offered a code for 10 percent off purchases and expressed her excitement over the upcoming weekend. The image has amassed over 790 likes and 30 comments within a few minutes of going live.

“Wow xx your stunning xx. I love you,” one follower complimented.

“I am happy to have seen your pictures,” a second social media user chimed in with the addition of a few hearts.

“You are so beautiful ‘orange’ you,” another added.

“You are Gorgeous Hot and Sexy,” a fourth fan commented with the addition of a few flames.