Joy Philbin & Daughters Share Statement After Regis' Death, Praise His Warmth, Sense Of Humor, & Storytelling

Joy Philbin and her daughters have now shared some sentiments publicly about their husband and father, Regis Philbin, days after his death at the age of 88. The beloved television personality passed away due to heart disease last Saturday in Connecticut.

As People detailed, the couple was married for 50 years. The couple had two daughters together, including Joanna and Jennifer "J.J.," and now all three ladies have shared some thoughts about their beloved patriarch's passing.

"He let everyone into his life," they said in a statement.

They thanked all of Regis' fans and admirers for their incredible support over the span of the iconic entertainer's six-decade career. As soon as word of his passing emerged, fans who had followed his career took to social media to mourn his loss together. This statement was the first time that Regis' wife, and the daughters they shared, had spoken out about this devastating loss.

"His family and friends are forever grateful for the time we time we got to spend with him -- for his warmth, his legendary sense of humor, and his singular ability to make every day into something worth talking about," the release from Regis' loved ones noted.

Regis Philbin and Joy Philbin attend Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto's 'Exploring the Arts Gala'
Getty Images | Bryan Bedder

Anybody who followed the entertainer throughout his career, particularly his years on his daytime show, are likely familiar with the names of Joy, Joanna, and J.J. From when he began co-hosting with Kathie Lee Gifford to the years he sat alongside Kelly Ripa, Regis told many stories about the women in his family and was clearly a proud husband and dad.

This release made it abundantly clear that he was held in high regard by them as well.

"He turned every little daily annoyance and happiness into a story, and he shared all those little stories with people in a joyful and conversational way. It made his audience feel like they were right alongside him -- because they were," they detailed.

It does not appear that any of the Philbin ladies are currently frequent users of any public social media pages. Many of Regis' former colleagues throughout the entertainment world have spoken out over the past few days to publicly mourn his passing. However, this is the first time that Regis' wife and daughters have opened up to anyone beyond their private circle of loved ones.

Kelly and Kathie Lee have released loving statements about their relationships with Regis, as have others who had grown close to the entertainer, like Lola Consuelos and Cassidy and Cody Gifford. Regis often visited the crew of The View, and some of them spoke out about their heartbreak over his death too.

While Joy, Joanna, and J.J. might do more to mourn the loss of Regis at some point, this touching statement provided some endearing notes that fans will surely appreciate.