Gabby Allen Performs Daring Stunt By Doing The Splits Between Two Cars

Gabby Allen showed off her incredible flexibility and strength by performing a stunt that had a few of her 1.1 million Instagram followers pointing out how things could have gone horribly wrong for her. In her latest video upload, the 26-year-old fitness influencer demonstrated a daring way to the splits.

Gabby was clad in an athletic ensemble that consisted of a sports bra and a matching pair of skintight bike shorts. The garments featured a light blue base color and a playful print that included comic book-like depictions of bananas, clouds, lightning bolts, and stars.

The Love Island star's video was filmed outdoors on a neighborhood street in London. Two gray cars were parallel parked bumper-to-bumper beside the sidewalk, and the trunk of the front car was popped open. Gabby was standing with her bare left foot on the trunk's exposed ledge. The personal trainer's right foot was on the hood of the other car.

At the beginning of the video, Gabby was messing with her hair. Her blond locks had been curled and pulled up, and it looked like she was trying to tighten her ponytail. She continued doing so as the front car began to move forward. She turned to look toward the camera, giving it a confident smile as her left foot moved with the car.

The car kept inching forward until Gabby was doing a full split between the two cars. The arch of her left foot had raised up so that her heel was the only part of that foot supporting her weight. Meanwhile, her right foot was turned sideways.

Gabby briefly held the split, and she even bounced her body up and down a bit. She also turned to give the camera another smile before revealing how she got down from her precarious position. She leaned forward into a deep stretch, placing her hands on the back of the front car. This allowed her to brace herself as she moved her left foot down to the ground.

In response to Gabby's video, one commenter noted that the driver of the car had to have perfect timing.

"Wow! Well done but this can be very dangerous in case the driver kept on going," the remark read.

"This could have gone SO wrong!!!!" another user wrote.

However, many of Gabby's followers simply expressed amazement over her stunt.

"She has got to be kidding," one fan wrote.

"Wow that's amazing," another admirer said.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gabby also recently impressed her Instagram followers by doing a handstand split.