July 2, 2020
Laura Amy Bares Booty In New Instagram Snap

Laura Amy stunned her Instagram followers on Tuesday, June 30 with a saucy snapshot of herself flaunting her pert derrière. The picture featured the Australian model wearing a thong bikini that showcased her enviable assets.

The photo showed Laura lounging on her bed. She lay on her stomach and used her right elbow for support. One of her knees looked bent to the side, while the other seemed straightened. She gazed at the camera in front of her with a sultry expression on her face. The angle exposed her perky posterior, which made many viewers happy.

Daylight that came in from the nearby window illuminated the whole room and highlighted her flawless figure. It also made the place look bright enough for indoor photography.

In the post, Laura wore a sexy blue two-piece swimsuit from Fashion Nova. From what was visible, the top boasted a plunging neckline that showed a generous amount of cleavage. The tiny triangle-style cups managed to cover her nipples from view, but it failed to cover the entirety of her breasts. The thin straps clung to her neck for support, with another set of straps that tied around her back.

She sported a tiny thong that displayed her curvaceous backside. The high leg cuts emphasized her curvy hips, and the low-cut waistline flaunted her chiseled midsection.

Laura styled her brunette locks into a ponytail, with the long strands hanging over her shoulder. As for her makeup application, she appeared to have sported a thick foundation, well-defined eyebrows, eye shadow, and faux lashes with mascara. She also seemed to have applied a hint of blush, glowing highlighter, and lip gloss. She accessorized with a dainty pendant necklace and a thick gold bangle.

Laura made sure to credit Fashion Nova by tagging the brand in both the post and the picture. As usual, her avid fans loved the new update. As of this writing, the post racked up more than 20,200 likes and over 500 comments. Online admirers dived into the comments section to write compliments and adoring messages for the model. Countless other followers struggled to find the right words to express their thoughts and opted to drop emoji instead.

"I can't deal with your hotness!! I love this color on you, by the way. It's such a unique shade of blue that complemented your skin-tone," one of her followers wrote.

"Words can't explain how beautiful you are. You make boring poses look interesting," another fan commented.

"You always have the perfect angles," gushed a third social media user.

"Blue never looked so good," a fourth admirer added.