June 20, 2020
Liz Katz Shows Off Her Cleavage In Felicia Hardy Costume: 'You Sure Know How To Make A Kitty Purr'

Cosplay model Liz Katz wowed her 1.2 million Instagram followers on Friday night with a sexy pic of herself rocking a Felicia Hardy -- also known as Black Cat -- costume and wig. Liz's take on the popular Marvel character showed her rocking a tight leather catsuit that exposed her ample cleavage.

Liz tagged photographer Andrew Alvarado and Ursus Magana, crediting them for the jaw-dropping image. It appeared that she posed in front of a city skyline at night, making it look like she really was standing on a rooftop somewhere while searching for a potential crime-in-progress. The still seemed like something straight out of a comic book.

To mirror her comics counterpart, Liz sported an ash blond wig and a black mask to complement her provocative catsuit, which was trimmed with white fur. She also wore black gloves with what appeared to be black-painted fingernails or built-in claws to add to the overall feline vibe. The stunner also rocked a black choker with a circular pendant around her neck.

She posed by resting one of her nails on her lush lower lip while wearing a sultry expression and peering at something off-camera.

Liz's incredible cleavage was impossible to miss thanks to her suit being unzipped to the point just above her navel. Her admirers were given an astonishing eyeful of her voluptuous breasts and some of her toned midriff.

As a final touch for her ensemble, Liz opted for a full face of makeup that highlighted her mouth and eyes. She appeared to draw on dramatic black winged eyeliner to create a cat-eye look along with a thick coat of mascara. She also seemed to use pink lipstick to accentuate her lips.

Liz's loyal fan base could not seem to get enough of her gorgeous Instagram upload. It quickly garnered over 9,200 likes and more than 100 comments.

Dozens of people took to her comments section to praise her look and the photo shoot overall.

Several users were ecstatic about Liz's latest choice of cosplay character as they felt that Black Cat was an excellent pick for her.

A few just jokingly wrote "meow" as their comment.

"This is just absolutely AMAZING! Such a well done shot," gushed one fan.

"Don't you just hate when the zipper gets stuck and won't go up... so frustrating," joked another user.

"I love it when you wear this one... I'm so serious when I tell you, you bring life into this character. You literally could be playing this role in a Hollywood movie... the black cat," raved a third admirer.