Terry Crews Issues Another Apology To Gabrielle Union For Not Defending Her During ‘AGT’ Controversy

Terry Crews took to his Twitter account earlier today to extend another apology to Gabrielle Union for not defending her after she was fired as a judge from NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Crews stated that the death of George Floyd motivated him to “search my heart to find out what more I can do, as a human being, as a citizen, and more specifically as a black man, to ensure our community can not only survive but thrive in this new world.”

Furthermore, he acknowledged that he has privilege as a man “in a society” that has “sexism built in,” which has led him to rethink how he initially handled the controversy involving his former AGT colleague.

“I want to make further amends with Black women, and in particular [Gabrielle Union] for not recognizing the privilege I have – especially in the workplace- and adding this fact to my earlier apology,” Crews tweeted.

In 2019, Crews worked as the host on the long-running talent competition series. He had his contract renewed at the end of the 14th season while Union was let go. She then spoke out about alleged racial discrimination she faced behind-the-scenes.

Crews was later asked about the actress’s comments while doing a segment on Today. At the time, he claimed that he had “never” experienced any racism onset and further claimed it was “the most diverse place” he had ever worked.

The actor’s comments were particularly painful for Union to read as she had previously come to his defense after he made public sexual assault allegations against a notable talent agent.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star received massive backlash from his fans and Union’s fan base. He later added fuel to the fire by tweeting that the “only woman” he cared about pleasing was his wife. Crews has since deleted the tweet.

However, the 51-year-old actor did eventually apologize to black women as a whole, although he did not directly name Union.

His new apology was aimed directly at the Being Mary Jane actress. According to Entertainment Weekly, the two actors had not spoken to each other publicly since Crews first made the remarks.

His latest attempt to make amends also does not address NBC’s recent investigative findings, which claim that they found no evidence of Union’s claims affecting the decision not to renew her contract. Crews remains on the show and currently hosts the ongoing 15th season.

Crews’ latest comments have garnered a strong response from people on Twitter. Many were happy that he had finally gone public about something they felt was a terrible misstep, while others believed his statement was too little, too late.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Union is allegedly taking things further against her previous employer by filing additional harassment claims again NBC, Simon Cowell, FremantleMedia, and more.