Pink Has A Message For The 'Racists' Who Unfollowed Her For Calling Out Donald Trump

Pink (often stylized as P!nk) had a message for the people who unfollowed her on Twitter recently after she called out President Donald Trump and vocalized her support for those who have taken part in the protests across the globe following the death of George Floyd. Pink took to the social media site on June 1 to make it clear that she's not bothered about losing a few followers, who she described as being "racists."

The "Just Like Fire" singer's message came after several Twitter users sent her tweets to let her know that they would no longer be following her on the social media site.

"It's insane to me how many people think I will be upset about racists unfolllowing [sic] me," the mom of two tweeted. "You don't really even need to announce your exit. You have my blessing. Go. Go now."

"One quick push of a button and you don't have to look in the mirror or confront who you really are," Pink, who has 32.1 million followers, then added.

Her powerful message received a wave of responses, with some negative and some positive. More than 2,800 Twitter users shared their thoughts after they saw her be so vocal amid the current unrest in the U.S.

"Say it sister!! Love how honest you are. Let them go and let them leave. You don't want fans who are racists!" one fan replied to her tweet.

Others even pointed out that they actually started to follow Pink because of her outspoken comments.

"Yeah cause for every one who is unfollowing you, a person like me just started following you," one fan said alongside the hashtag "#respect."

Pink's message has received more than 221,000 likes and over 24,500 retweets in the first 18 hours since she shared it. It seemed to be in direct response to a post she sent out a few hours earlier in which she vehemently slammed Donald Trump and also called him "a racist" in a very bold message.

"You're a coward and a racist and just like everything else you've ever attempted in your life, A COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE," she wrote in that tweet, which was sent directly to the president.

She then vowed to vote him out of office when it's election time in November and poked fun at reports he had been in a bunker amid the protests.

But this is far from the only time Pink has made it clear she's most definitely not a fan of the 45th president of the United States.

She's been very vocal about her disdain for Trump on multiple occasions over the past four years, both on social media and in interviews. In a social media message shared back in 2017, she hit back at a Twitter user who claimed there was "still hope" for him to turn things around in office.