Blac Chyna Gets Naked To Promote Her OnlyFans Account

Michelle McGahan

Blac Chyna got fully nude on her Instagram stories on Monday, June 1. The 32-year-old model hyped up her OnlyFans account in the seductive image, tantalizing her 16.4 million followers.

Chyna appeared to be in a grotto in the sizzling snap, with rocks lining the edge of the water. She kneeled in a pool of water, keeping only her legs and part of her bottom submerged. It was dark in the cavern, with only her body and the rocks behind her lit up. She posed from the side, angling her body so that her NSFW parts were covered.

The former reality star looked at the camera with a seductive stare, giving some serious bedroom eyes. She bent one arm at the elbow, touching a rock with her hand. She ran her other hand through her tresses.

Chyna arched her back, jutting out her chest and making her booty pop. While her arm obscured part of her bust, her underboob was still on display. Additionally, viewers got a glimpse at her bare and curvaceous derriere, which rose out of the water.

Chyna's large, multicolored tattoo was on full display, snaking its way from under her arm, spreading to the side of her midriff, and eventually cascading all the way down to her leg.

The model seemed to wear a face full of makeup, opting to go for a glamorous, dewy look. It looked as if she wore a champagne shimmer on her lids that touched her brow bone. Her full lashes curled upward in a dramatic fashion. Her lids appeared to be swiped with kohl liner, with her waterline also filled in with a pencil. Her lower lashes may have been coated with black mascara.

Chyna's sculpted cheekbones popped, as they looked to be brushed with bronzer and highlighter. Her lips were seemingly made up with mocha-colored liner and filled in with a peachy pink gloss.

In the caption, she encouraged her fans to swipe up to get more content on her OnlyFans platform.

This is not the first time Blac Chyna used her Instagram account to promote her OnlyFans. She recently shared a racy video of herself emerging from the water in a skimpy bathing suit. Prior to that, she posted a foot fetish clip to advertise for the NSFW account.