Fitness Model Jeanette Jenkins Wears Red Leggings For Intense Home Workout

Jeanette Jenkins takes a mirror selfie in a swimsuit.
Jeanette Jenkins / Instagram

Fitness model Jeanette Jenkins posted a new workout video to social media platform Instagram. She performed the workout at home and targeted her abs, legs, and glutes.

For her indoor workout, Jeanette wore a red outfit, which consisted of a sports bra and leggings. The top was made of a light red fabric with darker red borders and spaghetti straps. The leggings were bright red and rose high on her hips, extending down to her ankles and emphasizing her curvy backside and legs. A gap between the model’s upper and lower halves teased a bit of toned tummy.

The fitness trainer decided to forgo shoes and socks for her workout but accessorized with an exercise watch. She wore her dark tresses up in a neat bun to keep her hair out of her face as she worked out. Her face appeared to have a bit of black mascara and pink lipstick.

Jeanette carried out the workout in her living room. The floor exercises were performed on her white-and-black geometric rug to protect her body from the hardwood flooring, and she didn’t use any additional equipment. The workout consisted of nine different exercises that were designed to work a variety of body areas, targeting the abs, legs, and glutes. Each exercise was separated into an individual video clip, with several slides of extra content making up the end of the post.

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The fitness model began her workout with knee-to-elbow cross torso crunches before moving into the long arm, long leg cross torso. Both exercises worked the ab muscles. The next exercise in the circuit was the inner thigh crisscross open, followed by outer leg big thigh circles. Jeanette went on to demonstrate some outer leg thigh lifts with point and flex and followed up with single leg glute bridge pulses. The final two exercises in the circuit were inner thighs and abs froggies and standing splits leg reaches.

The slides at the end of the post included advertisements for the model’s 10-day Ab Blast Challenge, which she explained in the caption of the post. The workouts are posted on the website Hollywood Trainer Club and include modifications and instructions for all fitness levels. Jeanette added that it was day seven of the program, and the exercises she demonstrated in the post could be performed as a bonus for anyone who already did the workout for the day.

The post earned plenty of attention from many of Jeanette’s 723,500 followers.

“Loving the 10 day ab blast challenge so far! You look great as per USUAL!” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section.