Kristina Schulman Stuns In Tiny Pink Bikini In New Pics

Kristina Schulman wears a leather jacket.
Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

Bachelor in Paradise‘s Kristina Schulman has been showcasing her trim physique in a variety of new swimsuit pics lately on her Instagram page, a trend she continued with her most recent post. For the three-photo upload, she opted to wear a pink ensemble as she enjoyed the sunny weather.

The first snap looked like a selfie that she took with both of her hands as she extended her arms in front of her body. She smiled widely and tilted her head to the side. The background was washed out thanks to the bright sunlight.

Kristina’s bikini top had thick straps and a low scoop neckline with a strip of thick fabric below her chest. It hugged her petite figure and her muscular arms and abs were on full display.

She accessorized with a straw hat — which seems to be her accessory of choice at the moment — and a short, thin necklace.

She wore her hair up in a casual hairstyle, though a few strands were left loose to frame her face. The reality TV star’s makeup application seemed to include pink eyeshadow, dark mascara, and pink lipstick.

In the second shot, she was photographed mid-laugh as she closed her eyes and smiled widely. She placed her left hand on the top of her hat. Palm trees could be seen in the background.

In the final image, Kristina smiled again with her lips closed and tilted her head up. She closed her eyes and seemed to be having a lot of fun with the photo shoot.

The post has proven popular among her fans. So far, it’s been liked over 11,200 times. Her dedicated followers also took to the comments section to send their compliments.

“So pretty, and your smile its [sic] so lovable @kristinaschulman please always keep smiling,” wrote an admirer.

“You’re gorgeous, keep smiling girlyy,” a second fan gushed.

“Love the energy wow,” observed a third social media user.

“Cut it out with the cuteness please, thanks,” a fourth devotee joked.

Four days ago, Kristina shared another photo series that showed her rocking a different bikini. For that upload, she opted to sport a deep green ensemble with a small triangle-style top. The sensation wore another straw hat, though that one featured a reddish-orange trim along its brim. She was photographed on an outdoor patio on a sunny day and smiled widely in both photos as she sat on the ground. She accessorized with sparkling earrings and a thin ring.