Valerie Cossette Suns Her Bikini-Clad Body On The Balcony: ‘Almost Feel Like I’m At The Beach’

Valerie Cossette clicks a selfie.
Valerie Cossette / Instagram

Valerie Cossette is doing whatever she can to recreate the beach-going experience at home during the lockdown. On Wednesday, the Canadian model illustrated her efforts in an Instagram selfie that showed her sunning her body out on the balcony. She posed on a fluffy, gray towel, showing off her fabulous curves and gorgeous ink in a skimpy yellow bikini. Her beach-babe look was complete with snakeskin-print sandals, as well as a large, blue beach bag and a wide-brimmed, straw sun hat, all of the accessories neatly arranged against the balcony wall.

Valerie wore a revealing two-piece from popular online retailer Fashion Nova, which the model made sure to tag in her caption. The swimsuit flaunted her deep cleavage in all of its entirety, thanks to its plunging neckline. It also had narrow, triangular cups that struggled to contain her buxom curves. The busty brunette flashed a copious amount of sideboob in the teeny bikini top, which was held in place by a thin string going around the chest line. The photo was framed to only capture her body and didn’t show anything above the chest, making it difficult to tell whether the swimsuit was a halterneck style or not.

The bottom of the bikini cups was adorned with a delicate ruffled trim that added femininity to the number. A similar detail decorated the thick side straps of Valerie’s bottoms, which boasted a low-cut waistline that displayed her flat tummy and sparkling navel piercing. The high-cut item had no trouble showing off her hips and thighs and featured a small triangle front that sported a crepe texture just like the bikini top.

Valerie was sprawled on her back with her legs slightly spread open and both knees raised. Her shapely bosom occupied the forefront of the photo, which also showcased her lower body. Sunlight washed over her toned figure, highlighting her golden tan and lending a sexy glow to her skin. The vertical wire balustrade on her balcony cast a shadow on her beach towel, one that extended onto her thigh. The sunny decor also included a potted plant resting on the floor at her feet, as well as a glimpse of a lush hedge seen outside.

The upload didn’t take too long to ensnare fans’ attention, racking up close to 23,000 likes in less than one hour of going live. In the space of two hours, the selfie amassed more than 38,600 likes and 537 comments — including a few messages from fellow models.

“Wow,” wrote Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago, adding four heart emoji.

“Absolutely stunning,” penned a second Instagrammer.

“Why must you be so perfect,” commented a third person, leaving three drooling-face emoji in between. “It’s the tattoos.”

“Totally Bodacious,” a fourth fan described the look, followed by a pair of rose and heart emoji.