‘That’s So Raven’ Actor Orlando Brown Claims Will Smith & Michael Jackson Raped Him In Bizarre Video Rant

Orlando Brown at a benefit held by Shaquille O'Neal
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Actor Orlando Brown, who is best-known for his role as Eddie Thomas on the television show, That’s So Raven, has claimed that Will Smith and Michael Jackson sexually assaulted him. In an incoherent video that was posted online, Brown said Jackson set him up, and later asserted that he was the actor’s son, Trey Smith.

Brown has had well-documented issues since the hit Disney Channel program ended. As reported by The Inquisitr, the 32-year-old was arrested on felony narcotics charges back in 2018. Clips from the recent video were posted to The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page where the troubled actor spoke into a camera while picking his hair. He sounded off on Smith and Jackson.

At the beginning of the video, Brown mentions the Men In Black actor and says that Jackson was the one who set him up with Smith. It was unclear which person he was referring to throughout the video because he eventually claimed they are one and the same. Brown said that not only was he assaulted, but all of his children were as well.

“That n*gga Michael Jackson, bro, that n*gga set me up…What are you talkin’ about n*gga you raped me as a kid you b*tch a**…you raped me as a kid and you raped all my kids.”

Brown mentioned that every time he sees Smith on television he wants to harm him, but has restrained himself because of bible scripture. He threatened the 51-year-old to no longer make television appearances.

“Every time I see you I wanna slice your neck, motherf*cker,” the Major Payne actor said.

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At that point in the video, Brown claimed he was not only Smith’s oldest son, Trey, but he was also Jackson’s son, Blanket Jackson.

“I’m Trey. I’m no motherf*ckin Orlando, I’m Trey. I’m Blanket Jackson and you’ve been abandoning your son…you’ve been abandoning your son for years.”

Brown intimated that Smith wanted him dead and had assaulted him while taking his home and belongings. He ended his disturbing rant with a claim that Smith and Jackson were actually the same person.

“You raped me then you turned me into a kid. Took my house, took all my sh*t, start raping my family members and all kind of sh*t, bro,” the actor said.

Earlier in the year, as reported by HotNewHipHop, Brown posted another incendiary video in which he claimed to have had a sexual encounter with Wild N’ Out star Nick Cannon.

In late 2018, Brown’s friends had held an intervention for him on The Dr. Phil Show.