Kim Kardashian Accused Of Cultural Appropriation For Latest Braids Hairstyle During Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian received online backlash from fans for photos showcasing her hair in braids as some thought she was guilty of cultural appropriation. Other fans came to her defense and said she looked great and should be allowed to wear braids.

The fashion mogul was in France for Paris Fashion Week to support Kanye West's Yeezy Season 8 fashion show. On Monday, Kardashian made two posts on Twitter of her with braided hair. The first was a throwback to a 2018 photo shoot with Vanessa Beecroft, as reported by Evening Standard. In this photo set, she is wrapped in white and has blonde Fulani braids.

Controversy was caused in 2018 when the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted the blond braids photos along with a caption that referenced Bo Derek, a white actress.

The 39-year-old followed up her throwback pictures with a post showing off her new braided hairstyle and a caption that supported her husband's fashion show. In these photos, she is wearing an open grey jacket with a small beige top and loose-fitting light-blue pants. Her hair is in long tightly-woven black braids.

Many fans attacked her with replies to this tweet citing cultural appropriation.

"YOU. ARE. NOT. BLACK," one person replied with hand-clap emojis between each word.

"You think she'd learn. Put your hair up in a high pony and go to the fashion show like everyone else," another follower wrote.

"Cultural appropriation season 67," a Twitter user replied in reference to the Yeezy Season show.

Jaboukie White, a correspondent for The Daily Show, wondered if facial recognition worked on the model's phone.

"Does Kim Kardashian's iPhone still recognize her when she takes her black off," the comedian replied.

Another fan accused Kardashian of deliberately inciting these types of replies just to get media exposure.

"Honestly think [Kim Kardashian] and her team do this intentionally to market their product, controversy does sell," they wrote.

The tweet earned over 71,000 likes and 5,000 retweets. There were many fans who defended the mother-of-four by saying others were overreacting to her hair.

"I don't even like Kim, but y'all act like black folks don't walk around with straight weaves," a fan wrote.

According to Evening Standard, the two models who opened West's fashion show had long black braids which were very similar to Kardashian's.

The outlet reports that the SKIMS mogul responded to cultural appropriation backlash in 2018 when fans saw her blond braids. She claimed to know the cultural significance of the Furlani braids and insisted she did not mean to "disrespect" anyone.

"I'm not tone deaf to where I don't get it," the fashion icon said.