Russian Beauty Dasha Mart Lowers Jeans To Flaunt Her Perfect Derrière

Dasha Mart poses for a selfie.
Dasha Mart / Instagram

Russian model Dasha Mart got decidedly sexy in her latest Instagram post. While she is known for flaunting her curves in revealing outfits on the photo-sharing platform, she took things to another level on Friday when she shared a snap that showed her dropping her jeans over her hips, exposing her perky derrière.

The provocative photo saw Dasha standing against a blank wall, keeping all distractions to a minimum. The camera caught her from a side angle as she lowered her jeans well past her booty. She posed with her back slightly arched and one leg in front of the other, calling even more attention to her rear end. The angle of the picture also showed a good deal of side boob. The smooth, bronze skin on her back and shoulders were also prominent. A tattoo of a hummingbird on the side of her hip was also visible. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted as she tilted her head back with a sultry expression on her face.

To keep the image safe for the platform, Dasha wore a tangerine string bikini that left little to the imagination. In fact, not much of the tiny two-piece could be seen other than a small section of fabric that sat between her cheeks and thin, thread-like strings on her back and the side of her hip.

Dasha’s waist-length hair fell straight down her back. Her eyes were framed with dark brows and thick lashes. Her cheeks were contoured and she wore a rose shade of lipstick.

Dasha wrote the caption for the post in Russian. A translation from Google Translate revealed that she asked her fans if she should go shorter with her hair.

Most of the comments were written in Russian, but of her English speaking fans who weighed in about her hair, most said they preferred it long.

“Keep it long. So beautiful,” one admirer told her.

A significant portion of the comments written in English focused on how hot Dasha looked in the snapshot.

“WOW!! STUNNING!! Incredible Body!!!” gushed a second follower.

“Wonderful photo and you are always beautiful,” a third Instagram user wrote.

“Perfect shape extremely beautiful pretty lady,” commented a fourth fan.

There is no arguing that the Miami-based model looks good in just about everything she wears. Last month, she looked stunning in an elegant off-the-shoulder romper that gave her fans an eyeful of cleavage.