‘Little Women’ Star Florence Pugh Claps Back At A Fan Critical Of Her Relationship With Actor Zach Braff

Florence Pugh took offense to a fan's dig at her much-older boyfriend.

Florence Pugh attends a photo call for Little Women
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Florence Pugh took offense to a fan's dig at her much-older boyfriend.

Little Women star Florence Pugh clapped back at a fan who criticized her relationship with her rumored boyfriend, Zach Braff, in an Instagram comment, reports Entertainment Tonight.

On Friday, the actress shared a photo of herself striking a pose in front of Greenblatt’s Deli & Fine Wines in Los Angeles, California. After a long flight, the deli was her first stop. Her caption stated that she was looking forward to eating matzo ball soup.

She wore blue jeans and a long-sleeve red sweater with the phrase “don’t forget to love” emblazoned across the chest. She completed her look with a pair of floral-patterned shoes and a leather purse.

Zach responded to the image with a princess emoji.

One of Florence’s followers responded to the actor’s comment.

“You’re 44 years old,” they wrote. Their remark got the attention of Florence herself, who contributed her own two cents in reply to their subtle dig.

“And yet he got it,” she wrote. She also inserted the hand emoji making the okay sign to her comment.

This incident isn’t the first time fans have criticized her relationship. The Midsommar actress is 23-years-old, while the former Scrubs star is over two decades older. Many of her followers have spoken on social media about the 21-year age gap.

Based on the blonde’s response to the slight against her boyfriend, she would prefer it if people kept their negative opinions to themselves.

Aside from the back-and-forth between Florence, Zach, and a fan, the majority of the comments on the actress’s photo were very positive.

Most of them complimented the stunner on her appearance. Several comments praised Florence on her incredible performance as Amy March in the recently released film, Little Women. A few commenters couldn’t think of an adequate reply and simply added various heart and flower emoji.

“You’re the GOAT. Nothing but respect for my mayqueen,” wrote one fan.

“Never had Matzo but I’d be willing to try it,” mentioned a second person.

“THE BEST AMY WE COULD ASK FOR,” exclaimed a third user.

“Greenblatt’s has some of the best Matzo Ball soup!” said a fourth fan.

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First pit-stop, Matzo Ball soup. #curingjetlag101

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The couple likely started to date while filming Braff’s short film, In The Time It Takes To Get There, in April of this year. Alicia Silverstone also starred.

Since then, they have maintained a low profile. Neither actor has officially confirmed the relationship, but they have been spotted together on Florence’s Instagram story multiple times in the past year.