Abby Dowse Wishes Her Followers A Merry Christmas While Wearing NSFW Red Lingerie

Abby Dowse poses for a selfie
Abby Dowse / Instagram

Blond bombshell Abby Dowse is leaving little to the imagination on Christmas Eve. The model is rocking scandalous red lingerie while sitting down on her bedroom floor.

Dowse is seen making a kissy face towards the camera while sitting on a circular white shag carpet in front of what appears to be the model’s bed. She’s wearing a Santa Claus hat and an intricately-designed red bra composed of more straps than fabric.

In fact, her entire breasts are virtually visible; the only way she’s censored them at all is with a thick strap that sits across her nipples. The other thin straps wrap around her curvaceous chest and backside to hold her bust in place.

If Dowse’s 1.7 million followers decided to drag their eyes from her top half to the bottom, they’ll get a delectable visual of the blonde’s seemingly endless legs. Her panties don’t inhibit the curve of her booty from being photographed.

Aside from the Santa hat, Dowse is also wearing two thin necklaces, several bracelets, and an adorable, cozy-looking pair of reindeer slippers.

If her outfit looks familiar, that’s because Dowse shared another photo in the same outfit yesterday. The Inquisitr reported that Dowse posted a close-up of her bodacious body in this very same lingerie with a cheeky comment apologizing to Santa for being naughty.

Thanks to the close-up nature of Dowse’s image, fans were rendered speechless by the model’s immaculate good looks. The lighting of the room made her tan stand out, adding to the overall sexiness of the snapshot.

The previous photograph gave fans a better look at her cleavage but lacked much of her face or slender legs.

The model shared the new photograph of herself about an hour ago and already received almost 7,000 likes and close to 600 comments.

“Merry Christmas beautiful people,” wrote the drop-dead gorgeous blonde.

The majority of the stunner’s fans were happy to return Dowse’s Christmas wishes with some of their own. They also showered her with adorable holiday-themed emoji. Several of them also appreciated her cute slippers and the addition of the Santa hat, as it helps create more of a Christmas mood for the photo.

“Merry Christmas baby you look absolutely amazing perfect my love,” wrote one awestruck admirer.

“You look stunning and so tanned my love,” said a second fan.

“Honestly the Rudolph slippers though,” added a third person.

“You giving us the best gifts we could hope for,” mentioned a fourth fan.