Ainsley Rodriguez Shows Off Abs In Gray Sports Bra For Full-Body Workout Video

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Ainsley Rodriguez is showcasing a full-body exercise routine in the latest video series on her Instagram page, all while flaunting her chiseled abs in a gray sports bra and leggings.

In the four-video update, Ainsley is working out with a medicine ball and her moves are set to the tune of “Last Resort” by Papa Roach. In the first clip, she does a series of oblique ball slams on either side of her body and recommends doing the exercise for 15 reps. In the second, she does overhead ball slams before moving into squats and then does overhead presses. In the third video, she’s doing an impressive set of mountain climbers while balancing on the ball with her arms. And in the final clip, she’s knocking out a set of lunge rolls, maintaining her balance with one leg on the ball.

In the caption, Ainsley recommended doing each exercise in sequence and repeating the circuit for three rounds.

In the comments section of the post, more than one fan commented about the ferocity of Ainsley’s medicine ball slams.

“Take it easy on the damn floors,” one fan wrote.

“Geez crazy lady.. what did that ball do to you” another admirer commented. “You look amazing as always.”

Others were focused on complimenting Ainsley on her toned physique, particularly her midsection.

“You have some gorgeous abs!” a third fan wrote.

And fans also thanked her for sharing her workout tips.

“Thank you so much gonna start using your techniques,” a fourth fan added.

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FULL BODY BALL WORKOUT! . Drop some ❤️???????? and save for later! . Slide 1. Oblique ball slam x 12 reps each side Slide 2. Ball slam to squat to press (press at the bottom and THEN stand - its much more difficult!) x 15 reps Slide 3. Mountain climbers x 30 seconds Slide 4. Reverse lunge roll x 20 reps each side ** repeat for 3 rounds ** ______ ESAPÑOL ???????? . ENTRENAMIENTO DE CUERPO COMPLETO! . Diapositiva 1. Bola oblicua x 12 repeticiones a cada lado Diapositiva 2. Golpe de pelota para ponerse en cuclillas para presionar (presionar en la parte inferior y LUEGO ponerse de pie, ¡es mucho más difícil!) X 15 repeticiones Diapositiva 3. Alpinistas x 30 segundos Diapositiva 4. Rollo de estocada inversa x 20 repeticiones a cada lado ** repetir por 3 rondas ** - Song ???? Last Resort by @paparoach . #fullbodyworkout

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Although Ainsley regularly posts videos of herself targeting particular areas of her body with her workouts, this isn’t the first video she’s posted in which she exercises her entire body. In a previous Instagram clip, recorded on a beach during a trip to Dubai, Ainsley did some High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in a pink sports bra and black shorts. Her circuit included jump squats, switch lunges, and burpees.

In her caption, the brunette fitness model and trainer recommended doing the series for four rounds and taking a 10-second break between each exercise.

She also confessed to not working out that much while she was in Dubai and assured fans that it was fine if they could relate to that.

“I’ve eaten SO much here and worked outttt… not so much,” she wrote. “Hahaha but it’s ok, I’ll be back to my routine tomorrow! It’s great to let loose and give your body a little rest and reset every so often.”