Venezuelan Bombshell Michelle Lewin Shakes Her Booty In Sultry Instagram Video

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images for Karma International

Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin was anxious to give her millions of followers a bit of insight into her Sunday routine with an Instagram video over the weekend. She wrote about giving herself an opportunity to let loose and eat whatever she wants for half a day each week, but the moves she shared seemed to be what had her fans buzzing.

The Instagram video shows Michelle in the kitchen, stirring something in a skillet on the stovetop. She has her long, blonde hair extensions pulled back away from her face. She leaves them loose and hanging over her shoulders and down her back. Michelle is being filmed by her husband, Jimmy, who teases that she is looking pretty good from his viewpoint.

Michelle smiles as Jimmy says this. She sways her hips and dances a little as she tends to the hot skillet. Michelle is wearing high wedge sandals and a long-sleeved black crop top along with black jeans that are so tight they practically look painted on.

Michelle starts doing some sultry hip rolls and shakes while she turns toward Jimmy and shows off her insane abs and pert derriere. The Venezuelan fitness model isn’t flaunting any cleavage in this particular video, but the crop top hugs her busty assets and shows off her enviable curves.

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The Sunday routine: -I cook what I want, I eat what I want... and my body does ALL the talking???????? INTERESTING FACT: ????????Sunday is my day when I take a half day to eat WHATEVER I want. If you keep a strict diet for 6,5 days, your body (and mind) needs a break. Keeping a very strict diet without any changes will decrease the desired effect of all your efforts, and your body will adapt to the strict diet and respond differently. Once in a while you MUST shock your body with a huge amount of carbs and fat (preferable good carbs and fats, but that's all up to you). If you have issues knowing what to eat, how to prepare the food, how to meal plan... well, then my individual plans (created for your needs and goals) and my hundreds of healthy recipes in the app MEALPLAN is going to be your best investment EVER for your healthy lifestyle. Link to MEALPLAN in my website in the bio. Download NOW, and take (free) look inside how it works.

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Nearly 13.5 million people follow Michelle’s Instagram account and they loved this Sunday post. It may have been relatively short and simple, but it captured the fun-yet-sexy vibe that people love about the bombshell.

In less than 24 hours, the video had already amassed more than 1.35 million views. Almost 215,000 people liked this video of Michelle’s and another 1,200 people added comments that were a solid mix of English, Spanish, and emoji-filled sentiments.

“I love your attitude… very cheerful and positive always,” wrote one appreciative fan.

“So amazingly beautiful,” remarked another of her supporters.

Anytime Michelle posts a video with a bit of booty shaking, her fans go wild. As The Inquisitr recently shared, Michelle’s booty-shaking that was demonstrated via video during a trip to Las Vegas prompted another 1.3 million views and plenty of love.

Virtually everything Michelle has posted to her Instagram page in recent weeks has shown her looking happy, confident, and more fit than ever before. The stunning Venezuelan fitness expert certainly seems to be living her best life these days and her fans are always left impressed and inspired by what she shares with them via social media.