Canadian ‘Playboy’ Model Khloe Terae Rocks An Almost Entirely See-Through White Swimsuit

Daniel BoczarskiGetty Images

Khloe Terae’s swimsuit may officially go down as being white, but the garment could almost be considered transparent.

The Canadian Playboy model posted a racy Instagram picture this weekend showing herself reclining on a surfboard in water that turned her white swimsuit to almost entirely see-through. The picture was a huge hit with fans, racking up thousands of likes and compliments.

“Smoking hot,” one person wrote.

“Love that bodysuit!” another shared.

Khoe Terae has become one of the most popular models on a social media site filled with ones vying for attention, and her racy photos have a lot to do with it. The Canadian model regularly gets viral attention for her shots, including a recent one where she did a split in a thong bikini, giving followers a very up-close look at her long and lean physique. She shares a number of other shots of herself wearing revealing bikinis and skintight dresses.

Though Khloe needs to keep covered up on Instagram — enough at least to stay out of trouble with the site’s strict no-nudity rules — she is known for toeing the line. In fact the curvy model has posted so many racy shots that the men’s magazine Maxim even put together a list of the “Top 15 Times Maxim Model Khloe Terae Went Topless On Instagram.”

As she builds her stature across social media, Khloe is likely taking in a very nice salary. Social media experts say that the pay scale for influencers is usually $1,000 for every 100,000 followers, so she has the chance to earn north of $20,000 for every sponsored posts she makes. While it’s not clear exactly how much Khloe makes each year, other models with similar following enjoy a net worth in the range of $2 million to $5 million.

Khloe also gets the chance to move beyond the borders of her home in Canada to travel the globe. She shares pictures from a number of different tropical locales as she hits beaches across the world. Her see-through swimsuit picture was taken in Marina del Ray, California, which seems to be Khloe’s home base for modeling. The picture of the Playboy model doing the splits in her thong was taken in Ibiza, Spain. In between, she has also traveled to the south of France, spent time on Miami Beach, and taken in the sights in her native Canada in trips to Toronto and Edmonton.

Those who want to see more from Khloe Terae can check out her Instagram page.