Charly Jordan Rocks Pink Bikini For Inspirational Instagram Post About Negativity On Social Media

Charly Jordan Instagram

DJ, model, and blonde bombshell Charly Jordan penned an inspirational Instagram post on Tuesday and chose to accompany it with a bikini photo. In the snap, Charly wears a pink two-piece swimsuit from Revolve and paired it with some stylish black combat boots.

The message in her caption appeared to be intended for online trolls. In it, she urged the reader not to spread negativity online and to focus on aspects of life that are productive instead.

“Make a conscious effort to not talk sh*t today, and every day,” she wrote. “Talk about the present, where you’re at, and talk to the people you’re with about them. Listen and respond to them instead of responding with compared experiences.”

Charly also said that she had successfully applied this ethos to her life in 2019.

“It has been my goal this past year to be aware of that and I can successfully say as can my friends that I do NOT talk about other people in a negative light ever unless they did something personally to hurt me,” she continued.

In the comments, some of her fans responded to the message.

“Straight up!” one fan wrote in agreement.

However, others seemed laser-focused on the fact that she’s wearing a bikini in the photo.

“You look stunning,” one infatuated admirer wrote.

“So beautiful, @charlyjordan My Queen!” another commented.

Charly is likely used to getting this type of attention as she regularly posts jaw-dropping photos on her Instagram page. As The Inquisitr reported, she got similar feedback when she posted a photo of herself wearing a wet t-shirt on the beach. It’s a striking image, its impact heightened by the unique angle and Charly’s smoldering stare.

In the comments, several fans lamented that the model/DJ’s nipple has been crossed out. This was more than likely done so that the image would comply with Instagram’s rules about nudity.

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Comin at you sideways talkin that ????

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Despite the complaints, the photo has racked up over 250,000 likes and more than 1000 comments since it was posted on September 1.

While Charly didn’t explain what prompted her to write the caption on her most recent update, she has been called out in the past for an Instagram post that some of her fans deemed insensitive. As Thought Catalog reports, in 2018, she posted a photo of herself in a helicopter flying above the Kilauea volcano in Koloa, Hawaii. She claimed to have been unaware that the volcano erupted a short time before she posted the image, and was criticized for glamorizing her experience without respecting the tragedy.