September 11, 2019
Jeffrey Epstein Had An 'Enormous Secretive Office' In Manhattan, Says Eric Weinstein

With the recent revelation that MIT Media Lab took funding from Jeffrey Epstein and the resignation of its former director, Joichi Ito — who The Inquisitr reported attempted to keep the funding secret — the influence of the convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker continues to raise questions. In a recent Twitter thread, podcaster and managing director of Thiel Capital Eric Weinstein addressed Epstein's purported "enormous secretive office" in Midtown Manhattan and the lack of information regarding exactly where Epstein got his wealth.

"It really feels to me like the pervert narrative is what brought an enormous covert structure into view and folks are treating it like the main story," he tweeted. "But it seems to me that a large infrastructure was fronted by a badly drawn Gatsby character with no plausible source of wealth."

Weinstein then highlighted that finding where the money went isn't enough, pointing to the fact that Bill Gates and MIT likely didn't need "dirty money" that badly. He then posed a question: "For what was Jeffrey Epstein the front end?"

"Epstein had an enormous secretive office in Midtown. I know because I dropped off trading materials there in 2004 before his Florida arrest brought him to light. If he was a self-made financial genius of supposedly infinite wealth there will be extensive records there. Anyone???"
Weinstein lambasted the media focus on Epstein's private plane and island and what he believes is a lack of focus on the disgraced financier's purported office, and the trading records that could reveal the source of his wealth.
Buzzfeed News reports that Epstein had a vast network of connections within the scientific community, including Harvard mathematical biologist Martin Nowak and celebrity physicist Lawrence Krauss. The pair reportedly connected Epstein to others after his release from his controversially lenient 2008 prison sentence, and from there he made many new connections post-conviction. However, the report notes that some tax filings appear to be missing from records, suggesting more connections that may never be unearthed.

Epstein had ties to the modeling industry, which some suggest he used to earn some of this wealth via sex trafficking. As The Inquisitr reported, Epstein's brother, Mark, owns a mysterious Manhattan apartment at 301 East 66th St that he purchased from billionaire Leslie Wexner. The apartment has reportedly been home to young models, lawyers, girlfriends, and pilots associated with Epstein. Notably, all of the named "co-conspirators" in Epstein's 2008 plea deal were linked to the building. Although most of the units are owned by Mark via his development firm, Ossa Properties, Epstein reportedly controls them.

Maritza Vasquez, former bookkeeper for MC2 Models — founded by Jean-Luc Brunel — claims that Brunel scouted models and many of them were living in apartments in the building that Epstein owned. Interestingly, The New York Post reports that Brunel, who is accused of rape, has "disappeared without a trace," another mystery in the legacy of Epstein that may never be solved.