Pauline Tantot Shows Major Underboob In Tiny Crop Top


Pauline Tantot shared a new, busty selfie yesterday, and it had her fans going wild. The update received over 150,000 likes.

The photo was taken in a large mirror in a bedroom, as Tantot sported a pair of small, white bikini bottoms and a crop top. The bikini bottoms had a black logo in the front, while the model tugged at the straps with her right hand.

Meanwhile, the crop top appeared to be an altered T-shirt. It had large sleeves and a Harley Davidson logo. However, it was cut or pulled up so much, that Pauline’s underboob was on full display. This also gave her the chance to show off her toned midriff.

Tantot held the camera with her left hand as she took the photo. She pursed her lips slightly, and looked down at her phone screen. Her hair fell down around her, as she wore it down with a middle part.

The model’s butterfly tattoo was also visible on her right hand, along with a tube of beauty product in the front right.

Behind Pauline, viewers could see a large, flat-screen TV that was mounted to the wall. There was also a bed with a stuffed animal on top.

Pauline’s fans raved about her toned bod and good looks in the comments section.

“Wow u have a nice tan babe!” exclaimed a fan, who likely took notice of her captions.

“Not holding nothing back magnificent,” noted another fan.

“Too hot to handle,” said a fan.

“D*mn you look perefction [sic] queen,” declared a follower.

That was hardly all, with plenty of others pouring in with their compliments.

“Tempting beauty,” said a fan.

“I’m loving this so much,” said another fan.

Plus, there were some flirty messages.

“Don’t you miss me like I miss you,” joked a follower.

“Seeing you makes me very happy and I wish I only spoke with you privately,” said another follower.

In addition, the model’s bikini was the topic of some discussion.

“Ohh lord of the bikinis,” said a fan.

“It is nice if a man has wife only wear bikini like that,” said another fan.

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@balibody thanks for making my skin always tanned

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It was seemingly clear that the photo was a huge hit with Tantot’s fans.

“Crazy beautiful and sweet,” said a follower.

“Best hottest looking girl on earth,” said another follower.

“Ohhhh my god…ive always thought that you were a good lookin woman…but this is my FAVORITE outfit on any woman….jeez!!!” exclaimed a fan.

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lazy morning @revolve sunglasses

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