Isabella Buscemi Exposes Chest In Hardly-There Bikini Top

Isabella Buscemi shared a new Instagram update, and there were three photos that showed her rocking an incredibly small bikini top.

The model appeared to be inside a car as she took the selfies, and sat on a red chair. Her bikini top had star-like designs that covered her chest. However, the top was arguably too small, leaving most of her chest on full display. The top also featured multiple, thin straps that criss-crossed in the front of her chest.

Meanwhile, Isabella also wore her hair in a high ponytail with bangs that framed her face. She didn't wear a necklace, but rocked a silver watch on her left wrist.

The first photo of the set showed her smiling with her eyes closed, as she playfully stuck out her tongue. On the other hand, the second photo showed the model looking at the camera with a slight smile. She also placed her right hand on her arm, which revealed her red manicure.

And last but not least, the third photo showed Buscemi smiling with her lips closed, as she looked into the distance to her right.

In the first hour the update went live, it's garnered over 13,000 likes.

Isabella's fans were asked to choose their favorite photo between the three, and it led to a ton of discussion in the comments section.

"2 because of your beautiful eye contact," said a fan.

"3 cause you could see both your smile and those pretty eyes of yours," said another fan.

There were plenty of people who responded that they liked all of the pictures, and didn't choose one that they liked most.

"All 3 imagine being this pretty," said a follower.

"All your photos are spectacular, beautiful lady," complimented another follower.


"You can't make us decide like that," joked another fan.

With that being said, there were plenty of fans who didn't respond to the captions, but focused on showering Buscemi with their compliments.

"You are the philosophy of sexy successful influential unapologetic risktaker talented woman 101," said a fan.

"Wow, you're only cute with less clothes on!! Crazy," said another fan.

"Beautiful outfit and a tremendous beautiful woman," noted a follower.

There were also plenty of short and sweet messages.

"Smoking hot mamacita," said a fan.

"You look beautiful and sexy cute body baby excellent Pic lovely," said a follower.

"Looking good baby girl," complimented an Instagram user.

"So bomb like always," said another social media user.