Hannah Palmer Pops Out Of Crop Top Wearing Tiny Shorts

Hannah Palmer was excited in her latest Instagram update. The blond bombshell told her followers that she was improving her figure in a new way and wanted to let them know about it.

In a double post, Palmer stood in a living room wearing a white crop top and a pair of minuscule white shorts. The top — barely large enough to contain Palmer's voluptuous chest — gave viewers a nice view of her cleavage. Her equally revealing shorts also showed plenty of skin.

In the first photo, Palmer held a PremFit ab toner box as she smiled for the camera. In the second snap, she was wearing the device.

In the photo's caption, Palmer told her followers that she was happy with the results she was seeing since she started using the toner. The device uses electrical stimulation that causes muscles to tighten and relax, mimicking actions that occur during exercise.

Fans got excited over the snaps, with some commenting that she did not need to do anything to improve her already fabulous abs.

"I doubt it was a huge difference. Your mid section already looks perfect," one admirer wrote.

"Do you ever look bad, cause you literally are perfect!!" said another.

"You don't need that, you have a perfect body my friend," said one fan.

Other followers seemed shocked to think that Palmer's body could get any better.

"Perfect little body going to get even better now, lord help us," one admirer wrote.

"Wait, your body is going to become even more perfect?" asked another.

Palmer did not say how long she had been using the ab toner, but a look through her Instagram shows that she has always had firm, toned abs.

Palmer gained fame after she participated in Maxim magazine's 2018 cover girl contest. She did not win but placed 34 in her group. She has managed to gain 845,000 followers. While that might not sound like much compared to others, she has only been on the platform for a couple of years. If she continues to gain popularity at the rate she is going, she could reach the 1 million mark before long.

Palmer also models for KO watches and Bang energy drinks. She often gets a little creative when sharing ads. From being a skater girl to provocative bikini shots, Palmer knows how to work the camera and get attention.

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