Ariel Winter Exposes Flat Tummy In Crop Top After Weight Loss

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Ariel Winter isn’t shy about showing off her curves, and her fans seem to love that about her. This week was no exception as the actress strutted her stuff in a skimpy outfit during a day out.

According to The Daily Mail, Ariel Winter was photographed by the paparazzi as she was heading to a lunch outing in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The Modern Family star sported a pair of form-fitting, dark denim jeans and a cheeky red crop top with the words “Smart A**” written across it.

The ensemble flaunted Winter’s curvy hips, lean legs, and flat tummy following her recent weight loss. Ariel had her long, dark hair pulled up into a messy bun with pieces hanging down to frame her face.

The actress also rocked a pair of eyeglasses and some small earrings to accessorize the look as she went minimal with her makeup, sporting long lashes, pink blush on her cheeks, and a nude lip. A few of Ariel’s tattoos were also on display in the pictures.

Earlier this year, Winter revealed that she had dropped some weight after a change to her antidepressants. However, she didn’t make the change to drop weight. She simply wanted to find a medication that would work better for her, and the weight loss happened to be an added bonus, claiming the pills gave her back her metabolism.

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According to E! News, Ariel Winter recently opened up about her health and fitness, revealing that she believes working out is so very important for not only the physical but a person’s mental state as well.

“I think working out is really important for your physical health. I think mental health is really important, but also, if you want to be healthy and while I am not the most excited to put my workout clothes on and go and do that, it is really nice, when you leave, you feel better…I just want to build muscle. My body changes all of the time and I think right now, it’s just, I want to build muscle,” she stated.

Winter admitted that she still loves to eat pasta and cheese and likes to eat whatever she wants, as long as it’s in moderation, which is another reason she says she needs to hit the gym.

“So I think right now it’s probably just, health is my main motivation for going in and working out,” she added.

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