Transgender YouTuber Nikita Dragun Flaunts ‘Fake Body’ In Topless Snap

Nikita Dragun takes a selfie in a green bikini
Nikita Dragun / Instagram

Another day, another NSFW photo from the lovely Nikita Dragun.

As her 5.3 million Instagram followers know, the transgender YouTuber isn’t afraid to flaunt everything she’s got as she frequently shares racy snaps on her various social media accounts.

Dragun turned up the heat late last night when she took to her Instagram account to share a nearly-nude snapshot of herself. The sizzling snap featured Nikita rocking nothing more then a barely-there black thong and pink, black, and white heels that were adorned with flames coming off of the back.

The professionally taken snapshot contained Nikita squatting down in a way that showed off her smooth inked complexion as well as every single curve on her trim frame. Dragun had her elbows resting on her knees in a way that allowed her to drape her arms over her bare bosom to shield her otherwise exposed nipples from the camera.

Dragun seductively peeked over her shoulder at the camera as her mouth was hidden from view.

Nikita changed things up in the hair department and ditched the electric green hair she rocked in her twerking video from two days ago for bubble gum pink locks.

In addition to her extravagant and revealing ensembles, the social media influencer is also known for frequently changing her vibrantly colored hair. In the past month, she has shared video clips and snapshots of herself rocking green, pink, white, brown, and orange colored hair.

Dragun got a little personal with her followers in the caption of the topless snap as she opened up about being a shy person.

Nikita admitted that she asked her friends whether the nearly-nude snap was too much to post on her Instagram before she made the decision to share it. She continued to explain that her friends reassured her the photo wasn’t that different from the other stuff that appears on her wall.

Toward the end of the caption, Nikita revealed that her stunning looks weren’t the only thing she was flaunting in the snapshot. She also proudly put her “fake body” on display.

“Whatever i’m fake (and facetuned) but at least my personality’s real,” the YouTuber said clapping back at the anticipated “fake body” comments she expected to receive.

The NSFW photo was a huge hit with her massive following as it has accumulated over 760,000 likes and over 13,000 comments in a little more than half a day.

In the comment section of the steamy snap, Nikita continued to get personal with her followers.

“Fun fact my mom and sister have the exact same dragun tattoo,” she penned.

Many of her followers took to the comments to thank her for the incredible snap.

“I needed this on my IG feed,” one individual gushed.

A second chimed in: “Nothing to be shy about. YOUR BODY IS PERFECTION…You are young, single and have a life we all dream of..LIVE IT MY DEAR..LIVE IT.”

Overall, the YouTuber didn’t appear to have the negative comments she expected to receive when she shared the snap.