R. Kelly Reportedly Trying To Flee The Country To Dodge Sex Abuse Trial

Nuccio DiNuzzoGetty Images

R. Kelly is reportedly trying to escape the United States so that he can avoid facing his sex abuse trial. According to Radar Online, the R&B singer has been trying to raise money — and plan travel — in order to get out of the country while he still can.

According to one source, the singer knows that he is in trouble, and he’s having trouble getting the funds he needs to make an escape.

“It’s clear that if he stays in the U.S., he’s doomed. But nobody will give him a cent now,” an insider said.

On February 10, Kelly pleaded not guilty to the original charges of sexual abuse levied against him. Earlier this morning, he entered a plea of not guilty in the Cook County courthouse in response to the 11 new sex-related felonies he was charged with. All of the charges are related to three underage women — and one adult woman — who claim that Kelly abused them over 10 years, starting in the late 1990s, according to WGN in Chicago.

The newest charges carry a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison, which makes them the most serious charges that the singer faces.

Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, downplayed the seriousness of the charges yesterday, saying that since they were related to one of the women already involved in the case that it didn’t change things.

“#RKelly was NOT charged with a new case. He was recharged in an existing case, same alleged victim and time (a decade ago) It changes nothing,” Greenberg tweeted.

“These are the same conduct, just charged differently, same alleged victim, same time frame, same facts. We expect the same results,” the attorney added in a second tweet.

A source close to Kelly also told Radar Online that Kelly’s recent travel travel request — one ostensibly made in order to perform in Dubai and India for a few concerts — was allegedly just a way to get out of the country.

“He tried to bamboozle the judge, but he was just trying to use a loophole in an attempt to flee the country,” a source said.

Kelly’s request was denied.

Prosecutors say that Kelly forced, or threatened to use force, against an accuser in order to perform oral sex on him — or to have intercourse with him. They say that this particular accuser was underage at the time.

For decades, Kelly has faced accusations that he had abused young women. He faced charges related to child pornography in 2002, but was ultimately found not guilty of said charges in 2008.