Lexi Wood Rocks Purple Bra On Instagram

Lexi Wood made waves with her update three days ago on Instagram, and it caught the eye of Victoria's Secret, as they're busy promoting their "Incredible Bra" right now. The brand reposted a photo of the model wearing a lavender bra, which garnered over 31,000 likes on Lexi's page. The photo showed her facing the camera and giving a sultry look, as she wore metallic pink eyeshadow, mascara and pink lipstick with liner.

Prior to that in late April, Wood got sultry again in a black lace bodysuit. She wore her hair down and slightly messy for the shot, and tilted her head to the left while placing her hand on her waist. But that's hardly all, as a few days prior, she shared an Instagram photo of herself enjoying a hot tub. She wore a very skimpy string bikini while letting her derrière show. The update was comprised of two photos, one which showed her laughing while looking over her left shoulder. A second update featured Lexi sitting up while the hot tub bubbled around her.

With that being said, it looks like Lexi is enjoying her time in California right now. Yesterday, she posted photos on Instagram from Universal Studios Hollywood. The model wore a thin strapped bodysuit with jeans on top and looked absolutely glam as she posed in front of the Harry Potter castle.

Previously, Lexi opened up to GQ about her modeling career. In particular, she gave an interesting response when asked about what she'd be doing if she weren't modeling.
"I would probably be a designer. I've always been really into fashion. It's funny, this weekend I was looking through old photos with my family and we found a picture of me when I was about 8 wearing a pair of red pajama pants as a dress. I had my body through the one pant leg and one of my arms through the other pant leg and I literally looked like the emoji of the lady salsa dancing in the red dress! I'm always taking the clothes I buy and customizing them to make them my own..."
It's not unusual for models to find themselves with a deep interest in fashion since they're often the first ones to see new pieces and represent them in ad campaigns. However, it would be interesting if Lexi pursued her designer goals one day, as models tend to have an interesting approach to creating clothing.