May 16, 2019
Michael Jackson's Sons Blanket & Prince Start Their Own YouTube Channel

Michael Jackson's sons, Prince and Blanket, have officially started their own YouTube channel.

According to E! News, Prince and Blanket Jackson are now hosting their very own YouTube series, where they review movies for their audience.

The brothers are also joined by their cousin, Taj Jackson, for the videos. The Jackson siblings announced the new project via social media on Wednesday.

"We are very excited to announce that we are starting a movie review channel. Right now you can go see our first-ever video on my YouTube channel (link in bio). We know that this is a very rough first video but we want to take you on the journey with us as we improve and develop the show. As usual all input is welcome here or in the YouTube comments. Expect more to come y'all," Prince wrote via Instagram this week.

The Jackson family reviewed the worldwide hit Avengers: Endgame in their first video, which included special guest James Sutherland.

The gang discussed their favorite scenes in the movie, including The Hulk and Black Widow's roles and storylines in the film.

The group talked about it all as they chowed down on pizza, and Blanket revealed his love for the Marvel movies, claiming he watched Avengers: Infinity War at least 11 times in the past.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Michael Jackson's oldest son, Prince, recently graduated from college. Prince earned his bachelor's degree in business administration from Loyola Marymount College in Los Angeles, where he had been a student since 2015.

Before enrolling in the university, Prince attended the Buckley School, which boasts many celebrity alumni such as Kim Kardashian, Matthew Perry, and Rashida Jones.

Meanwhile, it's been a rough year for MJ's children. Earlier this year, the documentary Leaving Neverland was released, which detailed Wade Robson and James Safechuck's allegations of sexual abuse against the King of Pop.

The Inquisitr reports that James and Wade both claim that the singer had sexually abused them from the time that they were young children until their early teenage years.

Following the film's release, The Sun reported that Blanket, who is now going by the name Biji, was having a difficult time processing the allegations.

Michael's nephew, Taj Jackson, stated that the 17-year-old had stopped talking after the documentary was released, revealing that the family was very worried about him due to his behavior.

Fans can see more of Michael Jackson's sons, Prince and Blanket, on their new YouTube channel.