Feminist ‘Maxim’ Model Emily Sears Spills Out Of Silky Top At TAO, Flaunts Decolletage & Foamy Cocktail

Rich FuryGetty Images

Having dubbed herself a “feminist in underpants” in her Instagram bio, Maxim model Emily Sears seems to hold a certain calm, yet coquettish confidence that drives her fans to her shares in droves. Whether she’s posing in a beach bikini or something a little less revealing, the blonde bombshell blends a coy and collected intellect with a natural beauty — a concoction that sets pulses pounding and hearts aflutter the world over.

In her most recent share, Emily can be seen sitting down for a bit of rest and relaxation at TAO in Los Angeles. In the background, other patrons of various size and description meander by, as she sits in an ornate navy and fuchsia patterned plush booth. Clutching a foamy cocktail in one hand and lightly resting her cheek on the knuckles of the other, it looks like Emily is in for the long haul.

Her silky top does an admirable job of showcasing her fair, flawless decolletage — her bust being emphasized by the low neckline of the white garment. Leather-like pants cinch tightly about her svelte waistline, further emphasizing her feminine figure and striking silhouette. Her iconic golden tresses are styled in loose, devil-may-care waves which curl and cascade about her neck and shoulders. Perfectly sculpted brows and long, luxurious lashes frame her pretty eyes, and Emily’s choice of a sexy crimson lipstick help to add a bit of sultry spice to the overall aesthetic, matching her painted fingernails.

In the caption of the night-life capture, Emily Sears gave a brief shout-out to her favorite fashion and style labels — apparently content to let her body do the talking. Her fans and followers certainly didn’t seem to mind, lavishing over 25,000 likes and 400-plus comments in response to the provocative photo in a matter of moments.

“That lipstick on you is everything!!! Would you happen to know the brand and shade?” one user asked, while second Instagram fan gushed, “Wow my sweet heart [sic] you are very beautiful looking I love you so much.”


Emily Sears has made headlines most recently for taking Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews to task, as Bounding Into Comics detailed. Following controversial comments made by Crews via Twitter in which he tweeted on parenthood.

“As a human being there are things you can only get from your mother,” Crews posted. Sears replied to him, writing that his tweets were “hurting people.”

“I guess the truth hurts. You have a father,” Crews fired back.

Regardless of where one might stand on the issues surrounding parenthood, it’s clear that Emily Sears has a strong personal opinion — and is not afraid to defend it.