Amanda Cerny & Sommer Ray Flaunt Insanely Hot Bodies In Skimpy Sports Bras, Tiny Yoga Shorts

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Comedienne Amanda Cerny may be widely known for her sense of humor, but she’s also world-famous for her iconic physique and feminine figure. Teaming up with fellow Instagram queen Sommer Ray for a cheeky Instagram snap — one which allowed the two beautiful women to flaunt their famous bodies while having some fun at the same time — Amanda gave her fans exactly what they crave.

In this particular set of images, Amanda and Sommer are pictured outside in front of some deep plum paneling and a row of short, slender trees. Both women are clad in two-piece outfits comprised of a sports bra and yoga shorts, with Amanda’s being a bit more revealing than Sommer’s. Both women also don a bandanna each, with Amanda’s headwrap being a forest green as opposed to Sommer’s black fabric bandanna.

Amanda Cerny’s alabaster complexion is on full display, her fair complexion even being the subject of a slight joke in the photo’s caption. Her slender waistline, flat stomach, pert cleavage, and toned thighs are showcased by her choice of clothing, the yoga shorts and sports bra leaving very little to the imagination.

Meanwhile, Sommer Ray’s dusky complexion and flawless skin are also on full display, although she does seem a little disturbed by Amanda’s vampire teeth. The two seem to make up by the time that the second snapshot in the series rolls around, with Sommer accessorizing this look with some vintage looking sunglasses and a broad smile while Amanda adopts a more coquettish demeanor.

Both women seem to be having a great bit of fun with one another, clearly comfortable with sharing each other’s personal space.


Despite having been posted just less than a day ago, as of this writing, Amanda Cerny’s tag-team effort with Sommer Ray racked up the likes in record time. Over 1.2 million Instagram fans took the time to leave a like on the playful photo, while nearly 3,000 of those fans went the extra mile in leaving the model a personalized note in the comments section.

One user wrote, “You’re very good looking and cute [three heart-eyed emojis] I love you.” A second Instagram fan joked about Amanda’s lack of tan, quipping, “You are a whitewalker [sic] from Game of Thrones.”

With Sommer Ray boasting just over 20 million fans and followers on the popular platform to Amanda Cerny’s number of nearly 25 million, the two women are neck and neck in terms of popularity. Very few Instagram influencers reach that level of fame on social media, however, and admirers of both ladies are always keen to see what the comedic duo has in store next.