Elsa Hosk Goes Nude & Poses With A Snake On Instagram

Elsa Hosk shared a new photo of herself on Instagram today, and it's got her fans talking. The grainy shot showed Elsa posing fully nude with a giant yellow snake with spots. The snake was wrapped around her body over her left shoulder, and its face was by her right waist. The model wore her hair down in loose waves, as she went full-on glam with dark eyeliner, peach lipstick, and glittering earrings. She placed her right hand on the snake to censor herself, while her left hand rested on the front of her right hip.

This is a much more risque photo than her recent posts, which showed her in a variety of different outfits. Her second newest post was from a series of photos that was shot for Nicole Benisti. They are a Canadian luxury outwear clothing line, and Hosk exuded posh vibes in a range of jackets. For one shot, the model sported a light blue bodysuit with a white jacket. The jacket had furry lapels and arms, with a belt buckle accent on the bottom. Elsa also wore a stunning silver jacket called the Montaigne Silver which had furry accents. This piece was paired with a long-sleeved silver, sequined dress.

Elsa's not new to sharing nude photos on social media, but she recounted to Net-A-Porter what it was like at first.
"I remember posting a nude selfie, and I got so many texts from people who were like: what did you do? Are you sure about that? And I was like, yeah, I don't really care that much. It's my body, it's my choice."
And as far as family goes, the model said that "My mum will sometimes comment on pictures, and tell me, 'That's a beautiful dress', but I actually haven't talked to them about what they think about nudity."

But with that being said, Elsa admitted, "I did not see myself as beautiful. I was very insecure when I was younger." However, as she grew older and got signed to a modeling agency, Hosk said that her confidence grew.

It's apparent that Hosk isn't shy about sharing nude photos now though, and her fans are loving the new photo. People noted, "Oomg," "This is so beautiful and cool," and "Courageous Elsa and lucky Python."

The snake photoshoot took place a couple of months ago at least, as that's when Elsa first shared pictures with the snake. At the time, she revealed that the snake weighed an impressive 60 pounds.