Bella Thorne Dons Pink Lingerie & Sits On A Pile Of Candy In Candid Instagram Photo

Mizuki Hisaka

Bella Thorne posted a lingerie pic on Instagram with an atypical backdrop, as she sat on a pile of candy. Bella wore matching pink lingerie, as she looked down to her left. She played with her hair with her right hand, and captioned the picture, "Take me to bed @thornebybella weird flex but ok." Fans let her know they loved the image, with one saying, "That's art right there girl."

Some noticed that she doesn't bother to shave her legs and commended her, saying that she's the "only girl to pull off hairy legs [OK hand emoji] [heart emoji]." Someone else said, "I can't even show my hairy legs around my brothers you're so confident and I like that about you [heart emoji]."

The photo seems to be in line with her prior post, where she was photographed covered in chocolate. The latter was captioned, "I love producing writing and directing my own sh*t," so we'll have to wait to see the outcome of her work.

It looks like Bella's also been a bit busy at the strip clubs for whatever reason, as her Instagram stories are filled with clips from her wild night. She even filmed some of the women there twerking, which certainly pushes the boundaries of the Instagram no-nudity policy.

Meanwhile, Thorne recently opened up about some of the most difficult times in her life during an interview with the Los Angeles Times. During the interview, Bella described that she had been sexually abused when she was younger, which was shocking for some of her fans to hear. This heartbreaking interview also delved into how she was left with just $200 when she was 18-years-old, even though she was on Disney's Shake It Up for three years. However, Bella remained strong and continues to do well for herself, with one of her income revenue streams coming from Instagram.

"No. Because I like my life. All of the things that are awful — especially all of the things that happened growing up — I've always looked at it as: 'Why me?' Because I am strong enough. Because it has gotten me here. I don't even know what Bella Thorne would look like if she hadn't been molested growing up, or her father hadn't died. I don't know that I like that girl."