‘The Sun’ And ‘Daily Mail Online’ Publish Jodie Whittaker’s Nude Photos: Backlash Over ‘Doctor Who’ Naked Pics

Jodie Whittaker is the first female Dr. Who actress, but the 35-year-old actress is making buzzworthy news on Tuesday, July 18, based on the 2006 indie film named Venus. The comedy-drama starred Peter O’Toole and Leslie Phillips as friends whose worlds were rocked when Jodie’s character showed up. In the movie, Whittaker has a scene wherein she models as a nude art subject, and naked photos from that scene have been republished by The Sun and the Daily Mail’s website, Mail Online, and publication of those naked photos of Jodie is causing some backlash online.

The NSFW article titled “Jodie Whittaker makes history as Doctor Who’s first female Time Lord – but Broadchurch star has a much less family-friendly career” published by The Sun blurred out Jodie’s nipples, but posted the naked photos of Whittaker’s backside in the artistic posing session when the then 24-year-old starred in Venus. Hailing from Yorkshire, Jodie said at the time that she saw nothing wrong with appearing naked in the movie since the script called for nudity and it was central to the part.

The TV show Black Mirror also featured a sex scene with Jodie. However, Whittaker is famous for her part in the drama Broadchurch, a role that Jodie is getting plenty of kudos for in the comments section of The Sun. The non-NSFW video titled “New Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker in nude modelling scene in Venus” on The Sun stops short of featuring Jodie in a naked state of being.

Daily Mail
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On the Daily Mail’s website, the naked photos of Jodie show Whittaker’s backside and are also taken from the Venus film.

Some of the comments being published reflect the fact that certain viewers find Jodie “hot,” with plenty of debates on The Sun not focusing on the nude photos, but instead the choice of a female character chosen to play Dr. Who. A debate rages over whether or not a female actress should have been chosen for the role, along with debates about a black James Bond.

As reported by Salon, in the article titled “Murdoch-owned paper publishes nude photos of new female Doctor Who,” the choice to publish Whittaker’s naked photos might be viewed as a “vicious, undermining move” by the Sun and Mail Online. The article about Jodie has been shared more than 20,000 times on Facebook.

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