December 3, 2019
Debra Canady, Brent Starr: 'Snapped Killer Couples'---Sexy Cougar And Younger Lover Convicted In Washington Hammer Death Of David Grimm

Debra Canady, the Washington woman who was convicted along with her younger lover, Brent Starr, for the hammer death of ex-boyfriend David Grimm, will be the next intriguing story of murder to air on Oxygen's Snapped: Killer Couples. In this episode titled, "Debra Canady and Brent Starr," detectives arrive to a bloody scene, where a man has been found dead in a pool of blood. However, this is no home invasion, but a deadly plot to take back a home and cash in on an insurance policy that will allow two lovers caught up in a love triangle to be together. The story will be told through crime scene photos and commentary by police detectives and acquaintances who are familiar with the story.

You won't find much about it on the internet. Producers for Snapped: Killer Couples had to dig deep to find this one. It involves the story of an older woman and her younger lover -- 45-year-old Debra Canady and 30-year-old Brent Starr -- a couple who police say embarked on a relationship so passionate that it ended with the death of an innocent man so they could be together forever.

However, Snohomish County authorities say that "forever" didn't work out for the two greedy lovers, who were eventually separated by the prison bars that confined them.

In June 2008, police arrived at a home in Sultan, Washington, where they discovered the nude body of a white male whose head was wrapped in a bloody blanket. Detectives noted that blood drippings lined the wall, and the victim was obviously no longer alive.

His roommate, Debra Canady, told police that she arrived home and found him not breathing and unresponsive. A court record, found online, describes what took place.

"On the morning of June 26, 2008, at approximately 6:00 a.m., Debra Canady telephoned 911 and reported that, upon entering her home, she had found her ex-boyfriend, David Grim, unconscious. Canady explained to the responding officer that she had spent the previous night at the home of her current boyfriend, Brent Starr. She further told the officer that she believed Grim to be dead."
When she was questioned by police, Debra Canady said she had no idea what could have possibly happened to him.
The victim was identified as 49-year-old David Grimm. Neighbors were shocked that this kind of gruesome killing had occurred in the neck of the woods. An autopsy report confirmed the following about David Grimm's death.
  1. He had been attacked while sleeping.
  2. A hammer was used to strike him with multiple blows to the head.
  3. The beating was so brutal that his skull was fractured.
  4. The bludgeoning was the result of an angry and frenzied killing.
Before long, police determined that this death was not the work of a robber but a case between former lovers. The investigation revealed that Debra Canady wasn't just David Grimm's roommate, but his ex-girlfriend. They also learned that the sexy vixen had a younger lover, a man named Brent Starr.

According to Sky Valley Chronicle, text messages and phone records were their undoing since police were able to uncover messages between them, indicating that they had plotted the murder of David Grimm.

The motive? Authorities say Debra and Brent were ready to enjoy a $200,000 insurance pay out after David Grimm's death. They were also looking forward to living in the trailer home that she had shared with David.

They say Brent Starr, who was considered a loving single dad with a gentle soul, was completely captivated by Debra Canady, whom he had met on the job. The two had an explosive sexual relationship that included living out their wildest sexual fantasies. With Debra, Brent Starr found the excitement that he was missing in life, and from the moment he became involved with her, he started to lose focus, and he began to nurture an intense rage that had built up inside of him -- a rage that finally exploded the day that he killed the man that he believed was preventing his relationship with Debra to move forward.

In the end, they were both arrested and convicted of David Grimm's murder. In 2009, Brent Starr married another woman while in prison. Watch their story tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on Oxygen.

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