Lady Gaga Ditches ‘Wild Persona,’ Tweets Zayn Malik’s Girlfriend’s Mom

Lady Gaga says she wants to shed her persona as wild for a milder image

Lady Gaga is being honored as Billboard’s Woman of the Year, and it seems to be a changing point because she is now telling the press that her “wild persona” days are over as she tweets to Zayn Malik’s girlfriend’s mother.

Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey are one of many to receive honors from Billboard for their annual female-focused awards ceremony. Lady Gaga, however, will receive the top award for Woman of the Year. About the award, NME reports that Lady Gaga saw winning as a time for change and stated the following.

“It speaks volumes to me that I’m being recognized as Woman of the Year in 2015. This is the year I did what I wanted instead of trying to keep up with what I thought everyone else wanted from me.”

In the meantime, Lady Gaga claims that she is turning the tables and doing what she wants for herself, instead. Moreover, Lady Gaga is reaffirming that she is shedding her old image of being “wild” and is becoming mild.

Lady Gaga is already showing off her new mellow persona

Yahoo News quotes Lady Gaga talking about her past, and she says, “I spent a lot of time seeing doctors and taking different kinds of drugs to treat my depression. As I grew older, I found a way to release myself from those darker thoughts through music.”

However, as a cast member of 2016’s American Horror Story, Lady Gaga feels that the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, is helping her shed her old persona. About this transformation, Lady Gaga states the following.

“Ryan [Murphy] has allowed me to find myself and get past my fears and anxieties. I’ve been able to bond with the other cast members, and they’ve made me feel very normal and conformable. People always expect or want me to be wild – but now I just want to be a normal girl!”

Instead of being wild, Lady Gaga shows she is a “normal girl” outside of her acting career by stepping up with her charity work. For example, Lady Gaga is part of eBay’s RED event to benefit the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. For her donation to the AIDS fundraising cause, Lady Gaga has a personally signed keyboard up for auction (ends December 10).

Lady Gaga is also putting on a new persona with her musical performances. Instead of specifically drawing a younger crowd with dance music, Lady Gaga has been focusing on fans of all ages who love Frank Sinatra.

Lady Gaga may be the next lounge singer.

Although it appears that Lady Gaga shedding her wild persona means that she is the next Las Vegas hit, Lady Gaga is noted for doing this new genre well. About her performances with Tony Bennett, Gay Times especially appreciates her drag performances as Frank Sinatra.

Interestingly, Lady Gaga is also getting recognition for her past persona, and it involves a “diamond.” According to Billboard, Lady Gaga’s 2008 song “Poker Face” is now eligible for a diamond award because it has gone platinum for streams 10-times over.

Lady Gaga may not dress very interestingly anymore.

According to E! Online, Lady Gaga was reaching out because Yolanda Foster recently broke with Gigi Hadid’s step-father. This breakup is troublesome considering Yolanda has a chronic illness related to Lyme disease that requires family support.

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