Harry Styles' Horse Love Reignited, Post Helps School

For fans with dreams of Harry Styles on a white sand beach, riding a magnificent horse -- there is new evidence that this dream may become a photo opportunity reality.

Could this horse adventure for Harry Styles turn out as cute as a recent report by Sun Times National on August 18, highlighting Channing Tatum's new rescue horse?

For fans in love with horses, stay tuned, because it appears that Harry Styles shares this passion -- and he is showing his support of horse riders.

In the past, fans have delighted in seeing Harry Styles on stage with a horse head mask, according to YouTube videos. Fans have also had their anticipation of Harry Styles on horseback teased a couple of times in the past.

For example, SugarScape quoted Harry Styles on November 23, 2011, saying "We're going to ride horses naked on the beach..." in regards to the (fully clothed and horse-less) "One Thing" video they were producing.

The hearts of horse-loving fans fluttered again when Harry Styles said he wanted to go on a date with Kendall Jenner. Harry Styles' idea was to take her horseback riding, since it was a hobby of hers, according to reports from around January 9, 2014, by the Sun and MStarz.

Those romance fantasies involving horses never seemed to manifest, but now Harry Styles may be back on track.

According to an August 21 report from Get West London, a horse stable is getting a "boost" from Harry Styles. It is alleged that Harry Styles did this after he posted a picture on Instagram of West London Stables owner Sarah Tuvey.

The stable is part of a horse riding school that needs to be redeveloped. Thankfully, three months after Harry Styles posted the horse pic, "it has received over one million views and 100,000 comments."

Of course, fans will likely continue to show their love with idea of Harry Styles and horses (which is evident from Quote TV fan pages). For instance, Inverse Magazine described a horse on August 12 as having Harry Styles-like physical attributes and stated the following.

"I stand and face my mount— a half-Belgian Heavy Horse named Topper whose blonde mane is worn in such a devil-may-care manner that he looks like the equine answer to Harry Styles."
Nevertheless, fans should think twice before combining the words Harry Styles and horses in the same sentence.

After all, Daily Mail reports that fans chasing Harry Styles at the London Coliseum for a photograph around December 3, 2014, ended up falling into a huge pile of horse manure.

[Featured image via Handout / Getty Images]