Harry Styles Sick In L.A.: Are Taylor, Two Mini-Mes, Or Recording The Cause?

Things have been strange for Harry Styles lately — and it has little to do with having surreal musical experiences with Reggie Watts on the Late Late Show with James Corden in Los Angeles.

Instead, Harry Styles’ life is under a lot of pressure due to several factors including being sick, trying to record music with One Direction, and dealing with two mini-mes all in the same week. Or could it be that Harry Styles is feeling a bit queasy about meeting up with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift and her new beau, Calvin Harris?

Harry Styles has not been checking in on social media since May 12 when he posted a photo to Instagram, and May 15 when he was to appear on the Late Late Show. Obviously, Harry Styles has been very busy, and his trip to Los Angeles with One Direction to record their fifth album surely fills his calendar.

UnReality TV states, “[I]t seems like all the late studio nights and hectic schedule have been taking their toll.” They say fans asking for autographs report that Harry Styles said to them “Nice to see you….I apologize for getting anyone sick.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Harry Styles appeared a couple of days before on the Late Late Show, he appeared perfectly healthy — or was he? Could it be that he is simply faking a cold to get out of seeing his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift in the near future?

Sadly, it may be that Harry Styles is suffering from a bad case of nerves due to a few anxieties that have been thrown his way. For instance, Harry Styles is being told that he has a mini-me that is two-years-old.

This little fellow looks so much like Harry Styles that it makes you wonder if it is his own son — or if there is some sort of familial relationship. Could Harry Styles be feeling a bit paranoid about this tiny lad and his mother?

About the Harry Styles mini-me, the Mirror U.K. states, “And it seems it runs in the family, as Michael’s mum has likened herself to Harry’s mum too.”

They follow with a quote from the Harry Styles mini-me’s mother quoting her as saying, “I have found out that his mother’s name is Anne, am I right? That’s funny, I’m Michael’s mom and my name is Anna.”

A mother-son doppelgänger for Harry Styles and his mum Anne? While some might say that it sounds like the plot of a horror movie about stalker body-doubles, it seems Harry Styles is much more interested in another mini-me version of himself.

Surrealism never seems to avoid Harry Styles, and he took another bite of it when a British man named Hedley Wiggan was asked to fly to Los Angeles on behalf of the Late Late Show with James Corden.

The Bolton News U.K. reports that Harry Styles was awestruck when he saw the art Hedley Wiggan made on the tip of a pencil. About seeing a miniature sculpture of Harry Styles by the actual Harry Styles, Hedley Wiggan said, “Harry Styles was blown away looking at the sculpture. It’s fantastic, it’s great. They are sending me the sculpture back and I’m going to do the other band members.”

Of course, no matter if Harry Styles is stressed out, sick, touring L.A., recording music, or being over-run by clones — he still has one more non-thrilling moment coming up.

As Hollywood Life reminds us, the Billboard Music Awards are coming up soon — and Harry Styles will be forced into the same room as his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Will Harry Styles throw down his gloves on Calvin Harris’ table and demand a duel? While that is unlikely that the well-mannered Harry Styles would do such a thing, anyone with an ex can understand why he might be trying to fake a cold to get out of the experience.

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