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'Never Again': Customer Blasts McDonald's For Selling Old Fries

Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi - Author

Oct. 26 2022, Published 12:33 p.m. ET

A bad one for McDonald's! One of McDonald's employees has shared a hard fact, which one may consider awful. According to a recent TikTok video made by a McDonald's customer, the fast food giant appears to be selling old fries to customers.

While at the restaurant's drive-through window, TikToker Adam (@fastdollas) recorded the McDonald's worker attending to him. Although it is not obvious if the employee was aware that he was being filmed, the video has already amassed over 682,000 views.

Find out more details about the video below.

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'We Can't Be Making New Fries For Every Order'

The short video began with Adam reminding the worker that he was to be served fresh fries as he appeared to have already asked for it specifically. They had the conversation while Adam was waiting in line for his turn.

When the TikTok user asked, "It’s not fresh?" the worker responded saying, "They don’t even have the biscuits ready, either, for the first order."

The conversation continued with Adam asking if they don't give out fresh fries. It was at this point the worker revealed that they don't make new fries. "No, we can’t be making new fries for every order," he said.

McDonald's Just Lost A Customer

Shortly after their conversation, the camera was turned off but not without the employee adding that they give customers "old fries."

Adam who was obviously upset by this revelation made a decision never to get fries from McDonald's again as the text overlay on the TikTok video read, "No wonder why my fries be cold. Never again McDonald's."

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Some TikTokers Don't Find The Revelation Surprising

Many viewers responded to Adams' video in the comments area. However, some were not as shocked by it as one would have expected, especially given that McDonald's is a fast food company. From their comment they expected Adam to know that it was a usual practice with fast foods.

"It’s McDonald's…," one TikToker said in the comment section.

"Why are you shocked?" another user asked.

"Y'all want them fresh, but don't be wanting to wait the 3 [minutes]," wrote a third user.

Adam Receives Criticism

While some TikTokers assumed Adam would be aware that it was standard procedure, others criticized him for whining about the absence of fresh fries.

"If you want fresh fries that bad, clock in," one TikToker joked.

"These people should work fast food I wanna see if they make fresh fries for every order [laughing emoji]," another added.

"It's impossible to make a fresh order of fry's for each customer especially in a drive though line. They would be out of fry's and no time," a third reasoned.

While many TikTokers' reacted differently to the video, McDonald's may have lost a few customers because of Adam's revelation.


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